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  Do licensing deals of other people's designs ever cross Samescum's mind?
  Ah yes... the good old days when people in the Western world had a BMI of 18.5 to 25.
  Does a link-up between Samescum and "Don't be evil" Google sound like a marriage made in heaven? Just asking  ;~)
  So your "John.B" handle obviously doesn't stand for the very British "John Bull"  ;~)
  I checked out a few different websites last week to see how readers reacted when "liking" articles, and the results surprised me...   As a few examples...   Dr.Mercola.com...                 Facebook 271 likes; Twitter 39; Google+ 6. The Diplomat...                     FB 200; Twitter 32; G+ 16. Mercola (GM Corn article)    FB 9,753; Twitter 421; G+ 63. Asbestos Daily News            FB 80; Twitter 1135; G+ 0. Daily Mail on-line                  FB 324; Twitter 44;  G+...
All those numbers confuse me... so I think I'll use a random combination of them on my EuroMillions lottery ticket tonight!
And a note to Pooch... plus the traditional use of capitals for the names of countries!
I can imagine a newspaper headline in a couple of years time... "Hot Stud Sues Apple" - because of an overheating battery in an iPhone which was in the back pocket of his jeans, causing a scorched ass whilst having sex!
I have no intention of being disparaging about choices of employment and related skills attached to types of work, etc... but I strongly suspect those on this forum agreeing with the original proposition have the more "creative" jobs (artistically and design-wise) amongst us.  
Snip "If the service isn't stopped, it "will ultimately destroy the advertising-supported ecosystem" that underpins TV shows, Fox said." Snip   Many adverts that I have "watched" during the past 45 years (I worked in the TV broadcast industry for 20 of those years) are so visually obnoxious that I regard them as an invasion of my privacy. Also, most advertised products simply don't interest my now "minimalist" preferred lifestyle... so I would jump for an Apple system...
New Posts  All Forums: