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  I was wondering the same... but (being in France) about the French Air Force which used a tri-colour roundel some years before the RAF; although the colours were reversed with the center being blue.
From Wiki on Judge Colin Birss...   "In 2012 he ruled on Temple Island v New English Teas, a case where a photograph of a Routemaster London bus crossing Westminster Bridge was found sufficiently similar to another photograph of the subject to constitute copyright infringement."   There must be at least a million images of a "Routemaster London bus crossing Westminster Bridge"... it's one of those cliché images of London many tourists, and stock photographers,...
  It probably has a better vibration mode... you know, when in a man's trousers pocket!
  A few guys (of the more creative persuasion) in the bar I drink coffee with who have iPads are almost certainly buying the "mini" version (and maybe more than one) for their younger children. So I think there will be virtually no cannibalization, but rather a noticeable expansion of the halo effect within family groups.
  Magnetics, huh... that's cool. At least you're not studying thermodynamics where absolute zero cannot be reached!
  Just because independent photographers and designers are freelance doesn't mean they work for free!   http://edbuziak.tumblr.com/post/33444976973/hits-the-nail-on-the-head-kateordie-ive-been
  Do licensing deals of other people's designs ever cross Samescum's mind?
  Ah yes... the good old days when people in the Western world had a BMI of 18.5 to 25.
  Does a link-up between Samescum and "Don't be evil" Google sound like a marriage made in heaven? Just asking  ;~)
  So your "John.B" handle obviously doesn't stand for the very British "John Bull"  ;~)
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