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  I reckon 5 kilos of bananas would clinch a date dance with from Monkey Boy!
  Watch... this space, perhaps?  ;~/
I'm still on LR2.3 and it's fine for what I need... but I have to admit I'd love an Upright Tool  ;~)  
Will it have a kick-stand? If so I will be in line for one!  /s  
If Judge Robert Scola can't understand the case perhaps he's better suited to presiding over minor traffic violations and parking ticket disputes... I mean, he wouldn't be so out of his depth - Florida being such a genteel state with the average age being about 85!    /s
'EarPod? What the 'eck's an 'aitch got to do with it?   As they say in Yorkshire, It's not 'igh 'edges that 'urt the 'orses 'ooves, it's the 'ammer, 'ammer, 'ammer on the 'ard, 'igh road!  
  They probably know what they'll be drinking in the bar after work... which is as far as they think, rationally!
And in 4 months time, just like a certain British judge, will maybe pop-up consulting for Samescum?
All the negative AI comments finally got to him!  s/  
  Perhaps there are connections within the local Masonic Lodge... there are often rumors circulating in the UK of British judges and policemen with one trouser leg rolled-up, giving secret handshakes and thus being involved in Freemasonry... Boaz!
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