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As a mainly Nikon user (professionally) for around 40 years I have to agree with you... just wanted to allow myself a little wishful thinking on a Friday evening whilst NCIS LA is repeating itself on French TV. I do sometimes wonder, though, whether Ives has such a prototype locked away in his toy cupboard/bunker  ;~)
Talking of the occasional company failure... the 1994 QuickTake series of digital cameras were none-too successful for Apple with only a three-year production run... but it could be a sector for Apple to revisit (with their undoubted "halo effect") for a mid-to-high-end camera developed with their superb technology and cool design team. Nothing out-and-out professional (heavy and tough), nor soccer-mom (compact with a wide-range zoom), but a DSLR with a useful range of...
  Cars do effectively the same thing... get you from point A to point B. Would you also question their price difference?
  There's an old adage in tabloid newspaper press-rooms... "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."
Original quote... "Ballmer said Microsoft intends to make it "absolutely clear" that the company plans to compete in any market against Apple, according to CRN. He said Microsoft plans to "innovate everywhere" and bring its partners along for the ride."   Considering the recent Surface** announcement debacle, I interpret it more like... "take its partners for a ride."   ** After the 1st quarter sales shipped figures, probably renamed "Surplus".
A computer stolen in France would be limited to a sale on the black market in France... because the keyboard will be "AZERTY" rather than "QWERTY".
That is exactly what I thought about Posner a month ago...   "I'm wondering if this judge at 73 is still learning from experience - and thus improving and more rational in his thoughts and decisions... or is he past his sell-by date and thinking more about the easy life of putting his feet up in a retirement garden... so tossing out the difficult cases on a whim!"   ...in the...
  Just worked out by a conservative calculation/estimate that the two fans in my 5-year old MBP have revolved at least 2,625,000,000 times each (don't know if that's billions or trillions on your side of the pond)... should I take it in for its "half-life" service?
  That well-known quote comes to mind... "A fool and his money are easily parted."
  Glad to hear it... I'm 5 years younger, so there's hope for me yet!
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