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  You obviously get around on a "fixie" bike, like me... and therefore think because all cars have four wheels they look the same!
I'm wondering if this judge at 73 is still learning from experience - and thus improving and more rational in his thoughts and decisions... or is he past his sell-by date and thinking more about the easy life of putting his feet up in a retirement garden... so tossing out the difficult cases on a whim!
  You ought to get out a bit more.
"In all, it reduced the Greek debt by $130 billion, from $270 billion to $140 billion."   So, this country has settled it's scores on screen by clicking-on a few icons, etc.   Hmmm... Beware of geeks bearing gifs!
  You've clearly spent too long in on the net!
Apple][ wrote... "However, I would only agree to donate if I were able to choose qualified recipient groups, as not all people are deserving, and I would refuse certain groups of people to benefit from my organs."   So if you needed an urgent organ transplant in order to regain a healthy and happy life to share with your family and thereafter continue in a well-paid career and wealthy lifestyle, would you refuse the donation from a "scumbag" who had offered his body...
    It still reminds me of the Howies (UK) jeans advert copy-line...   "Angled belt loops save you 0.6 seconds per belt loop. Although  if you're looking to gain that extra time, it may be worth looking  at other areas of your life aside from getting dressed."
I believe Greenpeace are rated as being very power efficient... they're so full of shit their recycling digesters are running at full capacity and probably exporting to the grid!
"The sweetness of low price never makes up for the bitterness of low quality" ~ Anon
Pinocchio comes to mind!
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