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  An increasing number of English words and their "new" uses have become acceptable this century... but it does not necessarily make them proper. On your side of the pond more and more photographers are writing "lense" when describing a "lens" (singular)... so much so it has become acceptable, although it is neither proper nor correct. Let's just hope, in order to keep this "on thread", that Jony Ive will uphold standards... but of course, he is a Brit  ;~)   PS: My...
Remember those famous two words... "Think Different".   And my two words... Love it!
  He reminds me of The Mekon from the 1950s Dan Dare stories serialized in the British comic "The Eagle" which I used to read avidly every week.   Google have a driverless car... perhaps Microsoft should have concentrated more on a suitable airborne mode of transport for those moments when their lookalike character needed to grab another tablet!  
"Non-practicing entity WhitServe..."   Typo: Shouldn't that be "WritServe"?
  For starters... http://www.coffeeshop.freeuk.com/GenCS.html
Like I said a couple of days ago after a similar decision by a court in Holland... it's perfectly legal to smoke dope in cafés in that country. Go figure!
  I suppose Samescum will put a positive "spin" on that  ;~)
Quote, "...the only case that Samsung has won on the offensive came in the Netherlands, and even that wasn't a major victory.."   Oh yeh, of course... isn't that where it is perfectly legal to smoke dope in cafés!  
"...Google is also expected to show off the next major version of its Android mobile operating system, dubbed "Key Lime Pie."   Bet that will leave a similar acid taste in the mouth after to-day's shock on the stock market!  
  I was wondering the same... but (being in France) about the French Air Force which used a tri-colour roundel some years before the RAF; although the colours were reversed with the center being blue.
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