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  So your "John.B" handle obviously doesn't stand for the very British "John Bull"  ;~)
  I checked out a few different websites last week to see how readers reacted when "liking" articles, and the results surprised me...   As a few examples...   Dr.Mercola.com...                 Facebook 271 likes; Twitter 39; Google+ 6. The Diplomat...                     FB 200; Twitter 32; G+ 16. Mercola (GM Corn article)    FB 9,753; Twitter 421; G+ 63. Asbestos Daily News            FB 80; Twitter 1135; G+ 0. Daily Mail on-line                  FB 324; Twitter 44;  G+...
All those numbers confuse me... so I think I'll use a random combination of them on my EuroMillions lottery ticket tonight!
And a note to Pooch... plus the traditional use of capitals for the names of countries!
I can imagine a newspaper headline in a couple of years time... "Hot Stud Sues Apple" - because of an overheating battery in an iPhone which was in the back pocket of his jeans, causing a scorched ass whilst having sex!
I have no intention of being disparaging about choices of employment and related skills attached to types of work, etc... but I strongly suspect those on this forum agreeing with the original proposition have the more "creative" jobs (artistically and design-wise) amongst us.  
Snip "If the service isn't stopped, it "will ultimately destroy the advertising-supported ecosystem" that underpins TV shows, Fox said." Snip   Many adverts that I have "watched" during the past 45 years (I worked in the TV broadcast industry for 20 of those years) are so visually obnoxious that I regard them as an invasion of my privacy. Also, most advertised products simply don't interest my now "minimalist" preferred lifestyle... so I would jump for an Apple system...
Maybe the JPL team just use Windows PCs to gain experience of "crashes"   ;~)
    Judging by various comments in several threads... is Fred a Rooney?   Urban Dictionary meanings of 'Rooney' include... "Jacked or stolen. To take something that is not rightfully theirs... burglarize, cheat, defraud, embezzle, poach, purloin, ransack, remove, rifle, rip off, shoplift, swindle, swipe, take..."  
As a mainly Nikon user (professionally) for around 40 years I have to agree with you... just wanted to allow myself a little wishful thinking on a Friday evening whilst NCIS LA is repeating itself on French TV. I do sometimes wonder, though, whether Ives has such a prototype locked away in his toy cupboard/bunker  ;~)
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