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It is their money.  What the Jobs family or what anyone else does with their money is their business.  
Is this person feeling well today? Linkedin is not a "niche fad" but an incredibly useful tool to build and maintain a professional network. It is also a much more effective platform for job postings than Monster or Career Builder. Clearly, the 3500 employees are doing something right. Receiving an iPad Mini is a great way to say thank you and build employee loyalty and goodwill. "Lets assume that LinkedIn really has that many employees. What has that company done to...
MacBook Air with retina display and 756 gb hard drive? I can't wait! Then again, MacBook Pro with the option for more ram would also do the trick.
Think education.  This device will be implemented faster in schools for those that can't afford the big iPad.  
Finally!  iPhoto works again and thankfully, no lost pictures (I deleted and reinstalled again after that last bad update).
IF, a mini iPad or larger iPod Touch is released, the schools will be a key market. Budgets are tight to put devices like iPads in the hands of every student.  This rumored device will help. A smaller and cheaper device can further expand Apple's dominance in the education market.
  Dude, you make no sense.  Switching to Windows is even a consideration?  As someone who has been back to the Mac for less than a year, I could not imagine going back to Windows for the crappy user experience, let alone the multiple crashes every day.  Wait for a 21.5 inch iMac with retina and you will be fine.
All the folks who still use an iPad 1 like me, who passed on the iPad 2 are going to upgrade this year. Not to mention, all new folks will buy purchase a new iPad this year. I wish I would have purchased Apple stock at 300. It is still a strong buy at 545!
Dude, Freedom of Speech applies to the government, not a private enterprise. Use a different word than pussies in the App title and it might be approved....
Seth is a very popular author. His books read like his daily blogs, short, sharp and engaging. I have also heard him speak and he does a good job with that too. If you know Seth, you know that he is a big fan of apple (he had a very cool tribute to Steve Jobs - see below) and also a big fan of Amazon Kindle books. I understand why he would make a stink, but he does not have ground to stand on. A eulogy of action - by Seth Godin I can't compose a proper eulogy for Steve...
New Posts  All Forums: