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Good analogy. I agree completely.
Time to upgrade my iPad 1 32 GB to iPad 3 64 GB.
Make insanely great products and stay several steps ahead of the competition.
You get what you pay for when you buy a $200 device. Kindle Fire is a competitor to the iPad. The real challenge to Apple in my opinion is Amazon's eco-system for books and magazines. The Kindle e-book library is more comprehensive and often cheaper than iBooks. The Newstand for Amazon has many more titles than Apple as well. Thankfully, I can access my kindle purchases on my iPad.
I just might be in the bathroom right now responding to this post????
Due to the many educational games available for iPad, this an amazing device to help kids learn. My 5 and 4 year old will have their own iPad to share this Christmas morning.
I watched the launch by Tim Cook. The iPhone 4s has good hardware upgrades and the new software is awesome. What most impressed me about Tim Cook was his opening was targeted to Wall Street. Apple has a lot of room to grow and it will!
This has be to be the best comment I have read on this forum. Nice Work.
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