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I'm happy that US assembled serious tech is selling well. So it's not all about those small, light gadgets.
This is great! Have been suggesting paid, quick chat support to Apple for years - over a decade, in fact - and it seems I was (of course) not the only one on both sides on the Apple-Customers border to think that's a good idea. What's some 20 bucks compared to searching the web for hours, browsing forums, trying to resolve an irritating issue yourself... when in a hurry. Being able to just log in with an Apple ID, paying $20 (or even more in order to get past queues),...
How can you take a powerful, well-connected and very wealthy person seriously who doesn't have the bugs on his own face fixed? Yes, it's partly a personal issue, but as he also represents Apple in a highly public way, it's a reflection of how bosses at Apple reason.
The world is sinking into filthy decadence, and the crowds are cheering. Since biblical times... What's the next big thing? Legalising sadomasochism "because they have needs, too"?
The iPads could be life savers, too - especially if you could make (at least emergency) calls with them. But selling iPhones AND iPads is more important to Apple.
Who knows... Some of these proto-oddities eventually lead to meaningful applications.
One or two trips to some authorized service provider, time spent on the road and waiting for the machine costs much more than ordering a new drive online, and then replacing it yourself in a few minutes. This will work until each and every Apple device is glued together. Pentalobe screws are no problem, but heat guns do create stress.
Let's see if they finally include phone capabilities - could be a life saver, quite literally.
Tickets, standing in line for more than a minute or so, carrying ID and documentation... To qualify? Being drilled by some drilled Apple storekeepers?   I cannot understand this, seriously...
Glass (on the back, too) without a protective frame IS defective design.
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