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No need to worry about the small stuff that's happening now. Once the e-market being defined and DRM'ed now is daily routine for the masses, all prices will start to go up
Exactly:1) 7" fits into pockets; always there.2) Should have phone capabilities (why all iPads don't have that is beyond me).3) Should appear as a disk in the Mac Finder; free space to be usable as a thumb drive.As far as I'm concerned, it could cost a lot more as long as it's pocket size.
Sell for profit? Now that would be the only logical reason I can think of, but still, it'd be rather low pay per hour.Otherwise, I always wondered if camping in cities is even legal. Eating and drinking works without moving, but how do they handle the bathroom stuff without losing their places in line?I'd want $50 per hour and a free MacBook Air for even pretending to stand/sit in some line, pretending to buy a DRM'ed gadget...
Exactly the right specs: it would most likely be with you most of the time whereas the current iPad would not. The current iPads are too big, the iPhone is too small (for most anything but normal phone use).I'd be happy to pay $1000 or more for a 7" iPad that also has phone capabilities. To each, his/her own.
Do high-end video workstations have a "built-in cameras"? 'ell no
My first reaction to the iPad was "It has a SIM card but you can't make phone calls with it - now how odd is that?". 1) Would be just lovely as a speaker phone. -> No* 2) Phone - at least 911/112 ability - could save lives, too. -> No* You can still do most things you want with MacBooks, the iPad will only let you do what Apple decides is best for you*. No wonder the media companies love it as a sales channel för their products. The MacBooks (Air) will probably...
That's right - a cowardly shakedown and nothing else.
Apple used to be cool, innovative, but now it's more focused on control than anything else. You can still do pretty much what you want with Pro, iMac and MacBook, so I use them, but move to Linux more every day. Linux don't tell you what you may do, see. I remember when I got one of the first iPhones available over here. Enormous enthusiasm, but that faded very quickly when it became apparent that 1) The phone was locked to an operator - unheard of here, then. 2)...
So, this is one of the guys who do all they can to take away user serviceability from Apple products, so they can hope to charge premium prices for everything. Any designer can make a product look reasonably good and work OK - it's just a question of making mass production possible in a profitable way. Doesn't take a genius to come up with something like a unibody design, but to get those unibodies manufactured affordably is another matter. Well, the Far East does...
Have managed well for half a century without queueing - with 2 forced exceptions: 1) School - where I was to become an educated sheep 2) Army - where I was to become a killer sheep But to do it of your own free will? Have they no shame or pride, or do they get paid?
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