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I am happy that Apple didn't bend over to the analyst, wall street or marketshare seeker, all these people want a quick $$$$, Maybe Apple will sell more iPhones if they cut their margin to nothing, but nothing good will come out of that, you can ask Dell, HP and other PC manufacturer. Did any of these analysts ask himself why Apple still standing when all it's old rivals slowly turning to dust? Business is simple, make a product, but a good profit margin and sell. All...
The interesting part is the high sales for the 4 & 4s, this could be for these reasons: 1- lower price. 2- there is a lot of people like the smaller form factor. 3- the iphone 4 and 4s design are superior to the iphone5 and people like them more. Actually I know 3 people returned their 5 for 4s because they think they are a lot more " distinguished" Probably a combination of all the reasons. Who will bet the headline will be like " iPhone5 sales disappoint" and...
Actually june - july launch makes more sense than september launch, fall is too late and basically leaves most of the year to the competitors Apple for long time used iPod as it's holiday new product line, but since the iPod in decline the iPad is most suited as an iPod replacement for the holiday than an iPhone and I think Apple realized that, hence the surprising iPad 4 launch timing. Getting a new iPad, iPad mini, iPod and iPhone released together is too much even for...
So the moral of the story; if you want to win copy Apple. But I am sure some one will spin it in a different way.
The timing of this article is suspicious at best, it reminds me of that article about Apple board searching for CEO. Apple report a blowout quarter and the accusation come in. I don't say the reports completely false, but targeting Apple only is completely wrong, partial truth is worst than a lie. That bad situation is in most of the third world factories, people need to put food in the table and they will endure every thing for that, and always there will be some one to...
The iPad price isn't the problem, the problem is the books price. For this to really succeed Apple has to find a way to reduce the Textbook price. Easy to use tool will definitely help by making the authors publish directly to the App store and eliminate the Publishers. I hope this will not be another US only.
Now we know why all these douchbag link bait a$$&@&le wrongly known as journalist or bloggers like the one in business insider write all that vomit for. Sorry for the language.
The macalope has a very good quote "Which, at the rate we’re going, should be some time after squid make their way onto land and evolve into vicious arboreal predators. "
So why Apple cut supply? iPhone 4s not released where I live yet, I had to pay $1200 to get one , I know it's stupid but I don't think it will be cheaper when it come officially.
I hope they realize there is 192 more countries in the world, instead of killing themselves in the USA. I am so tired of hunting down torrent. Give me something good, easy to access and you will get my money.
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