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what combo drive does apple use in their powerbook? will it fit the cube?
just a quick question... does anyone know if it's possible to put a slot loading combo drive into a cube? I've just grabbed one on ebay - it took forever to decide between the new imac and cube... but the cube won because of better monitor support.
I would like some more input from those who have the new imac. If you're working in photoshop... and you make a light blue... really light. Like 3% cyan. can you see this colour on a LCD screen or does it just stay white? Are these screens good enough for you designers out there?
I was wondering if anyone makes a simple firewire DVD-ROM drive that works with iMacs (not the flatpanel ones). I just want to watch DVD's on a CD-RW iMac... thanks for the help.
I'm not all that up on technical stuff... but wouldn't it be relatively easy for apple to build hardware around an AMD or Intel processor but have it work exclusively on their machines so that every joe with a wintel would not be able to bring the OS over? Could this not be achieved with a ROM chip or something on the motherboard? (again... i know next to nothing on the techie side) Apple could get some fast processors but it wouldn't hurt their hardware sales.
writing tablets sterlize people?
the following are quotes from codename [quote] "A little bird told that Trinity shall return, after eating pie, more voluminous than a dolphin..." "El Capitan's hamartia shall lead to Trinity's return and its rise to the throne, Its little brother shall rule in the great desert where the dolphins roam." "Dolphin is not dead." "The filling shall reveal a crust made from the Rosetta Stone."
this is where the whole table idea came from. Maybe a...
how about something like this... I doubt it could happen for price reasons... but is it actually technically possible? I don't know too much about computer set up.. What i was thinking is that you could have some of the components in the cube... and some in the monitor cube: CD/RW, firewire, usb, ethernet, modem, sound in and out, speakers monitor: processor, battery, ram, motherboard, harddrive, (maybe one usb port), graphics card... this way it wouldn't make the...
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funny zac.... that's what I've been doing all morning... refreshing and waiting for another comment from codename or dorsal.... I need a life.
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