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 Yes - those 2 and me!! /s Being serious, I've just taken my 42mm space gray Apple Watch off to check and the back looks perfect. I wonder if those people have had sand/grit between the back of the watch & their wrist & not washed it off? I've had a couple of occasions when that has happened but I took my watch off to get rid of the grit, as it felt uncomfortable.
 Great summary - like you I find there is no one thing that makes the watch a must have but a combination of Apple Pay, activity tracking, heart rate monitor, comfort & notifications mean that my previou swatch (Swiss mechanical) has been sat of my bedside cabinet for the last couple of months.
 ?? If I lose my contactless enabled card, anyone could use it simply by tapping against a contactless terminal without a PIN. They also have the full card number, expiry date & additional 3 digit security code on the signature strip in their possession. If I lose my watch, they can't pay because ApplePay is disabled when the watch comes off my wrist & they cannot see any credit card details. You class this as not being an improvement??
 Both of those shops - at least at the locations I have tried - have worked 100%. Tell the member of staff that you want to pay contactless, wait for the terminal to light up (during which time you can double click on your watch if you are using one) & then place watch/phone up against the terminal - if using phone, keep thumb over touchID sensor. As an aside, when I used ApplePay in Boots, the shop assistant's face was a picture as she saw me use my watch to pay! She...
The thing that I find slightly ironic is that the people affected are most likely the people that won't be able to access this story because they don't have data/landline services!
I'm keeping my watch primarily because of the fitness side of things. I love checking my heart rate when running without having to have a chest strap rubbing away, I have regularly been encouraged to go out for just another 5 mins to break an exercise &/or steps&/or calories target (or multiple thereof). I'm sure it was a big part of the reason I recently came back from holiday 3lb lighter than when I went!Having the ability to answer my phone or check notifications etc...
That's my Amex card set up although it was easier to add the card via the Apple Watch app than do it through Passbook.   Time to go to Pret & see if I can pay by Apple Watch!!   Edit 07:18 - it works although I paid by phone this time. I just need to watch my pronunciation of Apple Pay & apple pie.   Passbook has also updated with details on how to add a card
I love the design - so simple to use & it takes away any concern of the pins damaging my suitcase/clothing on my weekly trip into London.
That's changed in the last 24 hours as they now offer reservations to buy in store. I picked mine up yesterday!
Yes - my Oct 2007 iMac should be included!
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