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 Hopefully it would be tiny!!!
 2 things stand out for me, one is they stopped supporting a lot of phones when they made the upgrade (to 7.5??), some of which were nearly new. I wonder if that put some people off buying another one. The other one is app availability - my Bank has apps for both iOS & Android but not Windows Phone - there just isn't the demand. A chicken & egg situation?
 My worry would be would the screen stay dark throughout the process - e.g. when restarting?   As a very light sleeper who uses his iPhone as an alarm, the screen lighting up on a restart could wake me up. I know I could put the phone screen down, but that then makes switching the alarm off a bit of a faff!
Content blocker - such as Crystal?
 Really happy with it on my iPhone 6, but I've temporarily restored back to 8.4.1 on my iPad Air as the stuttering when scrolling through the threads on AI (holding it in landscape mode) was really annoying me. I know that 'going to portrait' seems to cure it but then the text is too small for my comfort. Does anyone have a cure for that particular issue?
 Looks like Glasses Man got in just before you posted this!
I really hope so. If BBC iPlayer (& other UK equivalents) is available, I know I'll be getting one, sooner rather than later!
 Yes - those 2 and me!! /s Being serious, I've just taken my 42mm space gray Apple Watch off to check and the back looks perfect. I wonder if those people have had sand/grit between the back of the watch & their wrist & not washed it off? I've had a couple of occasions when that has happened but I took my watch off to get rid of the grit, as it felt uncomfortable.
 Great summary - like you I find there is no one thing that makes the watch a must have but a combination of Apple Pay, activity tracking, heart rate monitor, comfort & notifications mean that my previou swatch (Swiss mechanical) has been sat of my bedside cabinet for the last couple of months.
 ?? If I lose my contactless enabled card, anyone could use it simply by tapping against a contactless terminal without a PIN. They also have the full card number, expiry date & additional 3 digit security code on the signature strip in their possession. If I lose my watch, they can't pay because ApplePay is disabled when the watch comes off my wrist & they cannot see any credit card details. You class this as not being an improvement??
New Posts  All Forums: