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That's changed in the last 24 hours as they now offer reservations to buy in store. I picked mine up yesterday!
Yes - my Oct 2007 iMac should be included!
Of the 4 iPhones I have bought, 3 of them are still in use (2 with family members) and I know others who also pass on their iPhones to family/friends, so repeat buyers does not necessarily mean that a good percentage of the 700m sold are not in use. How many of those are 4s's or older however, I don't know.
Brings a whole new meaning to wearables!
Under promise, over deliver - that's a good way to do it!
 Damn - that means my mid 2007 iMac must not be supported by Apple - so how come it's running 10.10.3??
There are two things that strike me about this, the first is that bearing in mind my 2007 iMac runs Yosemite, I can understand why Apple will not support older versions of OS X. It is unfortunate for people with machines that cannot be updated, but they have to draw a line somewhere I suppose! The second one is, the whole reason I moved over to OS X in 2007 was that Windows Vista had a totally put me off buying another Windows machine. This was compounded with what they...
 Hang on - don't tar all of us Brits with the same brush!!! 
I think that there is a part of the analog market that will continue strongly as there is something about a quality movement, especially to my eyes one that is visible, that has more to do with art than simply telling the time.I can however see that there will be a number of watches with a more technical bent that could be hit hard by the Apple Watch.
In that case I'd better try & find out what my wife does with her iPad 2!!
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