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After using my 4S for the last 3 years & a 3GS before that I was unsure about the size of the 6, but having had one for a couple of months now, I very much prefer it. The curving on the sides is really comfortable to hold & using one of Apple's own cases (the silicone one) doesn't alter that or add much size but does give me extra grip which I like.Speed, battery life, responsiveness etc are all improved & the screen is really nice to view. I would find it hard to go back...
I'm just wondering why? Why do they all need to talk to each other? What does my washing machine need to say to my toaster? I don't want my refrigerator talking to the supermarket as I don't always want the same things & I don't want stuff ordering automatically if it thinks I'm running out of something. Maybe if they could get my washing to automatically beam over to my dryer there might be some value but otherwise it just sounds like [tinfoil hat time] a means of...
& a lot of us have more than one of each!The big issue will be getting enough retailers to accept Apple pay so that I feel comfortable leaving some of my cards at home & enjoying a thinner wallet.
Most of the new vinyl that I acquire nowadays is 180 gram - the 2 LPs my daughter got me for Christmas were both 180g. Quality of the pressing is usually better (but not always) with the increased weight but with a reasonable turntable (I have a Rega RP6) and a decent recording, the sound that can be produced is breathtaking.I probably get my music split 50% CD, 40% vinyl & 10% download but I would get more on vinyl if it were available.
Female tennis player??/s
I agree with everything you said although unfortunately here in the UK we can't use Apple Pay yet. The silicone case for the phone is a brilliant design, fits the shape of the phone beautifully and isn't floppy like most 'plastic' cases.
They even got that bit wrong!!!
A colleague was using Google Maps (on a pc) today to work out mileage for his expenses. He realised something was wrong when the directions from Crewe to our branch in Nottingham actually took him into the centre of Leicester, a mere 30 miles away! Using postcodes instead of business names got it to work it out in the end but he wasn't impressed!
I was intrigued when I first spotted the change fro X to Y. Soli very kindly replied to my query as to why:"No real reason. I just did it on a whim. No pros or cons to speak of."
This genuinely made me laugh out loud!
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