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Of the 4 iPhones I have bought, 3 of them are still in use (2 with family members) and I know others who also pass on their iPhones to family/friends, so repeat buyers does not necessarily mean that a good percentage of the 700m sold are not in use. How many of those are 4s's or older however, I don't know.
Brings a whole new meaning to wearables!
Under promise, over deliver - that's a good way to do it!
 Damn - that means my mid 2007 iMac must not be supported by Apple - so how come it's running 10.10.3??
There are two things that strike me about this, the first is that bearing in mind my 2007 iMac runs Yosemite, I can understand why Apple will not support older versions of OS X. It is unfortunate for people with machines that cannot be updated, but they have to draw a line somewhere I suppose! The second one is, the whole reason I moved over to OS X in 2007 was that Windows Vista had a totally put me off buying another Windows machine. This was compounded with what they...
 Hang on - don't tar all of us Brits with the same brush!!! 
I think that there is a part of the analog market that will continue strongly as there is something about a quality movement, especially to my eyes one that is visible, that has more to do with art than simply telling the time.I can however see that there will be a number of watches with a more technical bent that could be hit hard by the Apple Watch.
In that case I'd better try & find out what my wife does with her iPad 2!!
After using my 4S for the last 3 years & a 3GS before that I was unsure about the size of the 6, but having had one for a couple of months now, I very much prefer it. The curving on the sides is really comfortable to hold & using one of Apple's own cases (the silicone one) doesn't alter that or add much size but does give me extra grip which I like.Speed, battery life, responsiveness etc are all improved & the screen is really nice to view. I would find it hard to go back...
I'm just wondering why? Why do they all need to talk to each other? What does my washing machine need to say to my toaster? I don't want my refrigerator talking to the supermarket as I don't always want the same things & I don't want stuff ordering automatically if it thinks I'm running out of something. Maybe if they could get my washing to automatically beam over to my dryer there might be some value but otherwise it just sounds like [tinfoil hat time] a means of...
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