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I'm more interested in when they will get some more stock here in the UK. I wanted to handle the device to see whether or not the 6 was too big for me before ordering and they have been totally out of stock (all models) ever since! Still, patience is a virtue!!
Me and it seems to be working fine with no obvious issues. i liked what I saw on my 'Air' so decided to go for it. I will probably be going for a 6 once supply has caught up so it was a gamble I was happy to take.
I'm not sure about that. I paid for AppleCare when I bought my iPhone 4s nearly 3 years ago and never needed to use it once. So was it worth it? It certainly gave me peace of mind for the 1st 2 years. I suppose the question is will I buy it for the iPhone 6 I plan to buy in the next month or so - i don't know!
 I'm sorry but that's rubbish. My wife's 3GS is still working perfectly well for her needs with iOS6. The fact you cannot get the latest iOS update 4 years after the phone came out does not stop your phone from working. Heck, how many of the Android phones out there are not on version the latest version & still function? My 1 month old S4 mini that I have to use for work arrived running 4.2.2 which is what - 2 Android versions old? Off topic but a more interesting question...
No - I would have been very happy with a 4" iPhone 6 too. My 4S is starting to creak but I won't decide on which way to go (5s or 6) until I've handled the 6 and know how big it feels to me.
 Macworld.com for The Macalope - a great read 3 times per week.
What is the % increase if you move the from date to Jan 2008?
I rather like the fact that they quietly shot down the IDC & Gartner conclusions by stating that they had double digit % growth in the US (& many others) rather than making a big song & dance about it.
I don't see how you can say FACT since when did Amazon ever say how many 'tablets' they've sold (or shipped)? The only company (that I know of) with the guts to give out numbers of what they've sold is Apple, so whilst your 10:1 ratio may be correct, we'll never know!
Or could it be quality? My iMac is 7 years old, runs the latest version of OS X (& will run the next one too), has never needed rebuilding, repairing, replacing and helped me to avoid both Windows Vista (the reason I moved over from Windows after 10 years of PC use from Win95 to WinXP) and Windows 8.Overall cost of ownership - both purchase price and my time needing to keep the thing working - has been far less than the 7 years of PC use that predated the iMac's purchase...
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