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UK & I didn't start until 18.06 local time!!
Download took 8 mins on my 4s, preparing update took about 30/40 minutes, it has now restarted and am waiting for the progress bar to ... err .. progress!
  I remember when the first calculator made it into my school with the bright red LED display (Texas Instruments?) - I was so jealous! How quickly technology has changed!
  Very unlikely!
$45 per month - is that for SIM only?    If it is, how would unlimited data, 2000 minutes to any network, 5000 texts & 5000 minutes to your own network for the equivalent of $22 per month (£15) sound?
  Doesn't seem too irrelevant to me as his comment followed on from an article commenting on trade in values for used iPads.    Is it irrelevant to open the conversation & ask how other tablets would fare?
 Have you tried Codeweavers Crossover software?
That must mean no one is buying them!! Apple is Doomed...... /s
I wonder how this compares cost wise to induction charging!
  Unless he(she) is in the UK and has to wait until 6pm. 
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