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Now that would be nice!!
The most salient point in the video is right at the end where Tim says "easy, private & secure ...... what the customer cares about"
I'm up to 4 or 5 I think. It's just a shame that the block doesn't apply when other people quote them so you will still often see posts you'd rather not!
What are the odds that IDC have "other" manufacturers shipping even more tablets & that the iPads share of the market has gone down!?!?
 Just chatted to the Apple Store online & a guy called Michael said that the RAM on the new Mac Mini is user upgradeable! I would still want to check instore as I probably should have double checked that I meant the Mac Minis released today. The base model might replace my Apple TV as it is probably the only way I'll get BBC iPlayer etc to work without having to use another device to 'send' the data first.
As well as the other things listed working fine for me, Bluetooth in my Mini is good too with my week old iPhone 6 on 8.0.2!
I would like to know when it will come to the UK as we already have a lot of places that accept nfc.
A little off topic but I detest Ultra Violet copies. For me, the iTunes copies were far more flexible!
Not doubting that there is a problem but thankfully there is no problem connecting my iPhone 4s to my Mini!
Its working now on my iPad Air!!
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