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Is anyone else having problems seeing the pictures on their iPad? I'm going to have to get my MacBook to look at Melgross's posts!
Would that be the video that starts with the guy bending the phone at approx 2.26 (according to the time on the screen) and is then seen rotating the bent phone in his hands with the display showing 1.59/2.00?So the phone was either bent and the structural damage done (how we are not shown) before he managed to subsequently bend it on camera at 2.26, or he changed the time on the display mid way through the filming, or he travelled back in time to show the bent phone...
I'm more interested in when they will get some more stock here in the UK. I wanted to handle the device to see whether or not the 6 was too big for me before ordering and they have been totally out of stock (all models) ever since! Still, patience is a virtue!!
Me and it seems to be working fine with no obvious issues. i liked what I saw on my 'Air' so decided to go for it. I will probably be going for a 6 once supply has caught up so it was a gamble I was happy to take.
I'm not sure about that. I paid for AppleCare when I bought my iPhone 4s nearly 3 years ago and never needed to use it once. So was it worth it? It certainly gave me peace of mind for the 1st 2 years. I suppose the question is will I buy it for the iPhone 6 I plan to buy in the next month or so - i don't know!
 I'm sorry but that's rubbish. My wife's 3GS is still working perfectly well for her needs with iOS6. The fact you cannot get the latest iOS update 4 years after the phone came out does not stop your phone from working. Heck, how many of the Android phones out there are not on version the latest version & still function? My 1 month old S4 mini that I have to use for work arrived running 4.2.2 which is what - 2 Android versions old? Off topic but a more interesting question...
No - I would have been very happy with a 4" iPhone 6 too. My 4S is starting to creak but I won't decide on which way to go (5s or 6) until I've handled the 6 and know how big it feels to me.
 Macworld.com for The Macalope - a great read 3 times per week.
What is the % increase if you move the from date to Jan 2008?
I rather like the fact that they quietly shot down the IDC & Gartner conclusions by stating that they had double digit % growth in the US (& many others) rather than making a big song & dance about it.
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