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 I've updated from an iPad 2 (which the wife is very pleased to have) but I've gone 64GB & Space Gray!  Very pleased with it so far.
 If you do a generic search for an app Apple provides as standard, it takes 1 flick of the finger to get rid of it and into the apps in the store - not that much of a hardship. Be a little more specific with your search and it takes you straight to the app you want.
Can anyone please tell me who the 16+ other companies making all these 'Other' tablets are and what models they are selling? It would make the figures slightly less difficult to swallow!
 Shareholders of record - is that holding more than 1,000 shares, 5,000, 25,000?
Noooooo! I don't want any positive comments until after I've got my iPad Air!!
Make sure you are logged in, go to one of his posts, click on the blue triangle to the right of his name and click on Block Member. The only downside as mentioned by others is that it doesn't stop you seeing his posts if other people quote them in their replies.
UK & I didn't start until 18.06 local time!!
Download took 8 mins on my 4s, preparing update took about 30/40 minutes, it has now restarted and am waiting for the progress bar to ... err .. progress!
  I remember when the first calculator made it into my school with the bright red LED display (Texas Instruments?) - I was so jealous! How quickly technology has changed!
  Very unlikely!
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