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 OK - my 4S is not as fast as the latest models but runs like crap - no way!
 Damn, if only I had known that when buying music from Linn & Amazon for my iPhone in the last few weeks!!  /s
Childish I know, but I can dream!!  
Of those devices running iOS 6, it would be interesting to know how many could run iOS 7 and how many cannot (like my wife's 3GS).
Here in the UK you get a free Photo Cookbook!
Anedotal evidence I know ....... but my (work provided) Samsung GS2 is still running Android 2.3.3 whereas my iPhone 4S of similar age is running iOS7!
 I think this is the point at which a comment is so sarcastic that you can safely not use /s.  Well played!!
 That's very harsh on watch wearers!! Or are you referring specifically to 'smartwatch' wearers?
 I agree. Without reading anything, I might have guessed that was Samsung's latest phablet!!
New Posts  All Forums: