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  Unless he(she) is in the UK and has to wait until 6pm. 
  I'm still regularly using a 30 pin connector that's nearly 7 years old (yes, the one you need to pinch to release).  That's pretty robust in my book!
Just seen an article on Electronista which states that all Kindle Fires will include lockscreens with ads showing 'special offers and sponsored lock screens'. The ads will also appear on the lower left hand corner of the home screen at all times: http://www.electronista.com/articles/12/09/06/amazon.opts.for.ad.supported.model.for.new.kindle.fire.range/   I don't like the sound of that!
  Last week we were being told:   "China's Unicom is struggling to benefit from its investment in contract sales of Apple's latest iPhone models...."   I'm confused!
 Is this partly due to the fact that as a manufacturer, Samsung don't have to buy all of their chips?
  I saw this economic briefing this morning:   "The markets are extremely anxious that Spain will need a full bailout and as the 4th largest economy in the Euro Zone that would have significant ramifications. Over in Greece meanwhile, and wait for this, are you sitting down?... it is looking likely that they will fall short of their bailout terms. Yesterday saw German coalition members calling for Greece to exit stating that it could recover and regain...
 With a bigger iPod, all the icons etc would appear larger, more widely spaced when compared to a standard iPod if the UI was unchanged.   With a smaller iPad, all the icons etc would appear smaller and closer together compared to a standard iPad - potentially harder to use?
Saw this a couple of days ago - seems quite appropriate!  
 Is this the plaice to be having a piscine discussion?  I cod carp on about how inappropriate it is on an Apple forum!!  
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