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I don't see how you can say FACT since when did Amazon ever say how many 'tablets' they've sold (or shipped)? The only company (that I know of) with the guts to give out numbers of what they've sold is Apple, so whilst your 10:1 ratio may be correct, we'll never know!
Or could it be quality? My iMac is 7 years old, runs the latest version of OS X (& will run the next one too), has never needed rebuilding, repairing, replacing and helped me to avoid both Windows Vista (the reason I moved over from Windows after 10 years of PC use from Win95 to WinXP) and Windows 8.Overall cost of ownership - both purchase price and my time needing to keep the thing working - has been far less than the 7 years of PC use that predated the iMac's purchase...
I was given a brand new Samsung S4 Mini as my new work phone 4 weeks ago. On the 1st Friday evening, I switched it into flight mode with 85% battery remaining and put it to one side. On the Sunday evening I went to check that the alarm was set for the correct time and the battery was completely discharged. I had spotted that Google Music Play seemed to have started up every time I picked up the phone even after I had tried to kill it a few times. I spoke to my Android...
Certainly not in the UK but Spain, Portugal etc, I don't know!
It will be interesting to see if the Macalope decides to take this 'article' on over the weekend. It does seem to be taking the "Apple is Doomed" reality distortion field to a new (lower) level.
We still have a Mid 2007 iMac at home used mainly by my wife. I'm (pleasantly) surprised that it made the cut for Yosemite. The question is will I be tempted to change my iPhone 4S when the new phone(s) is(are) released?
Me too - but I don't want it too big. Colleagues at work have SGS4's and they're too big for my taste.
It made me smile when I saw it in the newspaper this morning!
"Imagine an ad supported version for Android" - especially as most of them appear to be 'widescreen' - the ribbon would take up much needed vertical space!
SCIF has been used a few times in NCIS.
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