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 With a bigger iPod, all the icons etc would appear larger, more widely spaced when compared to a standard iPod if the UI was unchanged.   With a smaller iPad, all the icons etc would appear smaller and closer together compared to a standard iPad - potentially harder to use?
Saw this a couple of days ago - seems quite appropriate!  
 Is this the plaice to be having a piscine discussion?  I cod carp on about how inappropriate it is on an Apple forum!!  
The thing that gets me about all these figures is Google's line as to how much they make out of iOS compared to Android, when overall sales of Android devices can't be wildly dissimilar to the totals for iOS devices - yet the income generated by the two isn't comparable.    I can only think that this means that a large number of Android phones, whilst being classed as Smartphones are not used as such!  
As I have discovered - still it's better than nothing. I think the moderators have had a bad day today with this thread.
Some of these posts have lead me to add someone to my ignore list for the first time.
When the Symantec Endpoint Protection on my works Windows laptop fires up, there is a real performance hit. I cannot say whether it is just our IT department's settings that make it so bad or if recent consumer AV software is better in this respect.
Removeable batteries??
... in September 2008 ... shares of Apple stood at $105.26. By close of play yesterday they stood at 614.48 - a 583% increase. Wow!!
.... they are like hens teeth where I live in England
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