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When the Symantec Endpoint Protection on my works Windows laptop fires up, there is a real performance hit. I cannot say whether it is just our IT department's settings that make it so bad or if recent consumer AV software is better in this respect.
Removeable batteries??
... in September 2008 ... shares of Apple stood at $105.26. By close of play yesterday they stood at 614.48 - a 583% increase. Wow!!
.... they are like hens teeth where I live in England
I'm waiting for someone to post that this is all Apple's fault - "Datagate"
I wonder if the "Tablet" market is starting to face the same degree of hype that the netbook market was receiving not that long ago. There is a market for cheap n cheerful netbooks but not to the levels previously forecast by some, whilst Apple never went into this area, instead playing a higher spec, price and functionality card with the MacBook Air. I wonder if the same thing will happen with tablets, with cheaper, more limited devices selling for a while but demand...
In memory of Slapppy: Nearly 24 hours in and you can still order most new iPads without any delivery delays. Demand must be way down off the back of such a mediocre update!! Apple is doomed!!
They won't tell us beyond "number 1 Bestselling Product on Amazon" (the whole Kindle range that is) or "Sales are quite small/smooth" (thank you Samsung).
Is it just me or does this paragraph seem to imply that the A5X is effectively the same as the A5 apart from more onboard RAM. Is there some distinction between the CPU and the system-on-a-chip side of things that I am missing?
From what I've read, LTE frequencies in the UK won't become available until 2013 (when analogue TV signals are shut down) at which time we will probably be hearing about the 4th gen iPad.In the meantime, Everything Everywhere (T-Mobile and Orange), Three (3) and O2 have plans to roll out 21Mbit/s HSPA+ nationwide by Q3 2012 which according to Phil Schiller, the new iPad will be able to support.Personally, I'd wait until the UK frequencies are up and running before going...
New Posts  All Forums: