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 Macxpress,Are you sure you're not encouraging those people to be frustrated by iMovie and try out Windows Movie Maker? It sounds like you're somewhat of a mentor of amatuer video editors. They see your reaction to iMovie and they become convinced rather quickly that iMovie sucks. I sometimes teach iMovie myself to average computer users, and I've taught both the earlier iMovie version and the new iMovie that's been around now for several years. The fact is that video...
You might not have much of a choice about this if Apple manages to revolutionize the payment industry. As a small business owner myself I am hoping to God that Apple creates a popular alternative to traditional credit cards. I pay at least $70,000 per year to the credit card companies for the privilege of taking customer payments using their cards, and I'm sick of it. If Apple creates a significantly less expensive system for retail merchants, then Visa, Mastercard, and...
Anyone who has used Siri voice recognition on an iPhone 5 will attest to how accurate it is -- very. Apple improved the microphone design in the iPhone 5 specifically for Siri and man does it make a difference. You can have all kinds of difficult background noise, yet Siri voice recognition on an iPhone 5 comes out smelling like a rose. Android voice rec. technology has nothing on iOS, unless you're comparing it to older Apple technology which wouldn't be fair.
Couldn't have said it better myself.
This reeks of entitlement mentality. You have "nothing to file" yourself, meaning you're getting your free ride. And yet you can't pass up the opportunity to drag corporations through the mud and complain about how greedy they are. Apple gives up 6B in taxes (in one year!) and you, of all people, want to make them look like a deadbeat corporation trying to wiggle out of its tax responsibility. Good grief. I'm a lifelong liberal, but your attitude makes me want to jump...
For all those who think Apple screwed up with this bond deal, you should read this: http://seekingalpha.com/article/1400231-apple-bonds-are-good-for-the-economy?source=yahoo
deleted duplicate.
Non investors never fail to miss the point about these kinds of things. I am an owner of Apple, along with all the other holders of Apple stock. That's the reality, and that's the decision Steve himself made (to issue stock) early on when Apple needed capital. Most of us Apple owners wanted management to put our cash to better use instead of simply letting it lay dormant. The pressure was certainly high and Cook had to do something. Remember, he has a legal responsibility...
Digital Clips, how about "Once You iOS, You Never Digress." "We need the equivelent to 'Once you go Mac you nerver go back' for iOS devices but for the life of me I am stumped to think of one ... "
Remember the first 20 years of cell phone usage. Consumers showed a clear preference for going smaller and smaller. Now this preference is being adjusted somewhat because of the internet and all the other stuff you can do on a cell phone. But still, the overriding desire is to have a smaller phone, not a bigger one. Apple could go a tad larger in the iPhone, but it's close to perfect just the size it is, as far as most people are concerned.
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