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Non investors never fail to miss the point about these kinds of things. I am an owner of Apple, along with all the other holders of Apple stock. That's the reality, and that's the decision Steve himself made (to issue stock) early on when Apple needed capital. Most of us Apple owners wanted management to put our cash to better use instead of simply letting it lay dormant. The pressure was certainly high and Cook had to do something. Remember, he has a legal responsibility...
Digital Clips, how about "Once You iOS, You Never Digress." "We need the equivelent to 'Once you go Mac you nerver go back' for iOS devices but for the life of me I am stumped to think of one ... "
Remember the first 20 years of cell phone usage. Consumers showed a clear preference for going smaller and smaller. Now this preference is being adjusted somewhat because of the internet and all the other stuff you can do on a cell phone. But still, the overriding desire is to have a smaller phone, not a bigger one. Apple could go a tad larger in the iPhone, but it's close to perfect just the size it is, as far as most people are concerned.
Most posters here are missing the forest for the trees. Any, and I mean Any, smartphone has features that surpass the iPhone. Why get so bent out of shape whenever anyone suggests that? Who cares? It's kind of like an Oakland Raiders fan saying to Baltimore "we've got a better punter!" Just give the losers their due. They need it. We Apple users can bask in the knowledge that we are living the high life. We enjoy the world's best complete package. And all the others can...
Exactly. That's the silver lining in the stock drop. "Flitty" shareholders are being weeded out. Now Apple has bottomed out, but this bottom will be much more solid. As the share price rises, slowly perhaps, bad news won't have near the effect that it has had of late.
  Very good point! And I can attest that this is indeed happening. I've only tested these iPhone carriers once (by walking in and asking if the iPhone was worth getting), and sure enough the Verizon sales clerk went off on the classic rant about how you are "pretty much just paying for the name" when you get an Apple iPhone. The other smartphones are a better value, and so on. I thought, after that experience, that Apple should loosen up their wallet and allow these sales...
It doesn't help Apple's cause to insult others in such a crass way. I'm on your side with Apple. But kindness in all things is best. It's certainly not worth creating conflict and ill-feelings just so you can speak your mind without any kind of social filter.
ikrupp, It's not teflon. It's grease. That's how Samsung does it.
The title's stupid? The star is going to flop? The poster's out of character? Geez, we just love to wallow in negativity don't we. It's all good. I'm looking forward to this movie a lot.
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