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There's a difference? 
If I were Apple I would consider this:   Make a 4,7" iPhone as the standard phone (let's say iPhone 7). Then introduce the iPhone 7P (P = plus) with a 5,5" screen and at the same time bring iPhone 7S (S = small) with a 4" screen to the market.   In the following year I'd continue this strategy and keep the last's year standard iPhone as a low cost option on the market.
You see, Munster's analysis is based on believe!    "We do not expect the IBM partnership to have a meaningful impact on Apple's financials overall primarily based on our belief that large corporations are already utilizing iPhones"   "We believe that IBM will add incremental functionality for corporate customers, but is unlikely to be the make or break factor for a large corporation in utilizing iOS."
Quoting one of my favorite movies: “I (Apple) got vision, and the rest of the world wears bifocals.” 
All good reasons that you listed there Mr. Dilger but I think the more reasonable explanation why Apple chose the 7-1 split is because of iOS 7.1... they go better together.  
  Please stop spreading BS!First of all, it is NOT the same Board that fired Steve. It is the Board that Steve hired!Second of all, Icahn, is it you?Third, yes I trust the board and the executive team that led Apple to where it is now. The most valuable company on earth.
Yeah, but it wouldn't hold 
Ok, it's official. He is delusional.
Opel Adam is the first car, as far as I know, that has Siri integration. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKhhuP0QlOY
 Yeah, new software like Hangouts, Maps etc. But a new version of the OS? Not so much! And that's what I am talking about!
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