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  Please stop spreading BS!First of all, it is NOT the same Board that fired Steve. It is the Board that Steve hired!Second of all, Icahn, is it you?Third, yes I trust the board and the executive team that led Apple to where it is now. The most valuable company on earth.
Yeah, but it wouldn't hold 
Ok, it's official. He is delusional.
Opel Adam is the first car, as far as I know, that has Siri integration. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKhhuP0QlOY
 Yeah, new software like Hangouts, Maps etc. But a new version of the OS? Not so much! And that's what I am talking about!
When Apple first introduced the iPhone in 2007, Steve Jobs said, that the software was five years ahead of the competition. He was right. That's how long it took Google to really catch up. Now, we are in the sixth year and Google is again trying to see what Apple is going to do so they can ripp it off, again. Or how are you explaining the fact, that Google held a developer conference without introducing any new software?! I think, that the new OS will be much more than...
On a related note: Apple is planning a mission to Mars by 2015 (you know, the "mothership" they are building). The spacecraft will be driven by a new and revolutionary computer named Wall-E. The secret project is codenamed Unicorn. 
Now the Samsung users also copy the iPhone users behavior :-D Just making fun... :-)
The enemy of my enemy is my friend ;-)
All your points make sense. However, as I understand it, Samsung invested in Sharp. As far as I know they do not have a seat on the board nor do they have people in the executive team. Just because their investment is big, it doesn't mean that they have any more access to internal, and most certainly, undisclosed agreements of Sharp with its customers, than any other shareholder except of the financial report.
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