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DED is talking about Android market fragmentation, and this article from The Verge shows graphically just how bad it is. http://www.theverge.com/2013/7/30/4570582/android-fragmentation-graphics-july-2013  
Here's the Original MS "Surface" from 2007 - a TABLE with a hidden computer inside - which the MSNBC lady says MS took 5 YEARS to develop! http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18936536/ns/technology_and_science-tech_and_gadgets/t/microsoft-unveils-table-top-computer/ Must have sold really well, like close to ZERO.....that's why after only 5 years, MS can recycle the name "Surface" as if it was a NEW product. Just change TABLE to TABLET, and it's finished!
I'm assuming the naysayers haven't yet been "phished". This week I received 4 bogus delivery notifications from "Apple" informing me of shipments of MBP's, all to US addresses, not to me (I live in Thailand). Since we have a house full of Apple products, it's probably not difficult to collect the info that I have had dealings with Apple. I'm sure that if I had tried to inform "Apple" that I had received these delivery notifications by mistake, there would have been...
I have an iPad 2, but someone gave me a Tab 10.1 for Christmas. It's hard to put the iPad down, but harder to pick the Tab 10.1 up. After nearly 2 months, there is No decent software that I have found to install on it. At New Year's 2011 I searched for "Best apps for galaxy tab 10.1", and the best and most recent link that Google's search could find was an article published 5 months earlier in JULY. I have tried three downloadable "market" apps that are supposed to replace...
I live in Thailand. It's been available here from the beginning.
Teenage boys playing war games on gaming consoles don't buy Disney products. I glad my children are past the Disney years. Disney's use of innocent children's games to launch a full-frontal onslaught on parents pocketbooks is likely their intention. Back before the modern web and fancy browsers, when sites like AOL and GeoCities were important, I used to like the D.I.E. (Disney is Evil) website. It was outrageous, and sidesplitting funny at times, but it really dug...
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