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Are analysts really this stoopid? When has this EVER been the case?"The 3GS is only a modest update.""The 4S is only a modest update.""The 5s is only a modest update.""The 6s is only a modest update."They really are that much of a broken record. Every S model has outsold the previous. It's like they rehash the same concern stories from years past and just retool it for the current year.
And watches. It's funny when history repeats itself.What product since '98 has Apple had that has failed? That they haven't made money on? Services is another story that their working toward but even then overall they make money on services too. AAPL is a product company. They have the luxury of time and money to work toward a better product. They don't have to be first. And, quite frankly (speaking as a multiple Chevy owner), Apple's recent track record is much better...
Yay for me. Only sometimes have I felt the throttling but all in all it's pretty smooth sailing usually. Not sure how I use this much as I don't really do Netflix or YouTube on my phone. I don't watch many videos in safari, either. I mostly go on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat only so I guess they eat most of my data. If I didn't have unlimited I would definitely monitor it more but alas it doesn't really affect my usage.
Nooooooooooooo! If I don't get this on day one I might as well throw away my  Watch and get an Android Wear 😩 /s Not a big deal. Release when ready. My Watch is performing just fine. I can wait for the new features.
Not enough A9s to go around. Or they're waiting for the Air to upgrade to the A9 before moving the mini over. I want to upgrade my mini but I think I may still hold off until the next update.
Already facing delays and the project in theory hasn't even gotten off the ground yet. This is definitely an Apple article. I don't see the appeal of a vehicle to Apple. If they didn't want to build a full blown TV because of the thin margins I wouldn't think they'd be comfortable building a car.
I did the same and got the same options. I'm guessing because you're not to term with your contract with AT&T Apple is not going to provide you the  upgrade program until your contract is through with AT&T and you have "successfully" paid off the remaining cost of your subsidized phone.
I think the difference here is that you also get Apple Care along with it which at least sweetens the pot. So if you were getting a lowest tier 6s with Apple Care it would be about $300 on contract while your monthly bill pays the subsidized difference (which doesn't come off the bill when the phone is paid off) but with the installment plans at the carriers it would be the flat $129 for Apple Care (new Apple Care pricing...
They aren't releasing anything tomorrow. They will be announcing, however.This is cool but is going to be weird when I have my  Hey Siri going and my iPhone listening at the same time. Even weirder when the iPad and (potentially)  TV are all listening and responding. I wonder if there will be additional controls for device preference, sensitivity, etc.
Do they come out with the subdued versions of gold on a new Watch similar to the gold on iPhone? Then they can simultaneously debut a subdued rose gold Watch to go along with a rumored subdued rose gold iPhone? Then those purchasing can at least match their gold iPad, iPhone, and  Watch and possibly their rose gold iPhone and rose gold  Watch.
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