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He's saying when Apple comes out with an iWatch there will be a scramble by companies like Samsung to match what Apple produces and neglect what they originally designed. You need look no further than the before and after iPhone/iPad pictures.
In a world where they sell 150 million iPhones this analyst thinks there's a market for upwards of half of that number for iWatches? I just don't see it. The iPad only sold about 10 mil that fist fisc year. Yeah it's a bigger device but with I believe bigger interest when it was debuted. I'm excited for what a potential iWatch could do but I don't think 65 million people are.
It "seems" to me that with regard to updating the Apple TV (and even to an extent launching the iWatch) Apple is letting all these companies fire their warning shots and establish themselves where they are so when Apple comes out with their update/new product there will be no mistaking where the innovation lies. Way back in 2006 and going into 2007 some of the same cries (even on this forum) were dropped for Apple to come out with their thing sooner rather than later to...
Slide to unlock for sure.
"When the fingerprint scanner on the S5 works it works great, but..." Could have stopped the video there. That looked painful to do on the S5 and he listed a sequence of caveats to it not working that great but said it works great. Yeah, but no. And you have to actually touch the *screen* to start the process? Strange implementation all around. FYI: that S5 looks huge.
I don't want this at all if that's what every one wants Apple to do.I want this top row of iconsAnd all of theseTo have more racial diversity. Yellow "standard" emojis are fine with me. I don't think we need brown ones of those.
I have big hands too I just like the look and feel of the iPhone 5. I'll have to try out the 4.7" if it comes to pass. But I feel I'll need to use two hands more.
I don't know man. For me I get frustrated when I can't use my iPhone 5 with one hand. Usually that's when waking up or going to sleep. But I like the sleekness of this size device. I just can't see myself wanting something that's as big as even 4.7 inches let alone 5.5 inches. I'm definitely not getting the 5.5 inch one if one comes out but the 4.7 inch one if that's the only new one available in a moderately small size then I'll probably get that one.
Yeah 4,2 and 4,3 I think were the unknown ones.
Yes! I like using them and some black-looking emojis that don't have a turban 👳 would be awesome.
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