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I didn't say the limit was 4". I also didn't say there wasn't a progression between the 4S and the 5. I'm saying solely an increase in screen size does not progression make.Personally, I would say 5" is the limit on a mobile personal device. I don't think spending the money and time is going to bode well. I don't think economies of scale favor a device that size. I'm not being stubborn and fighting a trend. I'm hoping Apple doesn't follow one that just doesn't seem...
I wouldn't wear a black one but I'd wear a white one for sure.
I already by Polo gear so in interested to try this out.
For sure. Which is why we are assured to have 6S rumors the week after the 6 comes out.
Betamax was progress too¡Going from the Nokia cell phone to the Razr was progress too¡We were trending down in size and now we're trending up but there has to be a stoppage point when usability is impaired. There also has to be a stoppage point where profitability is impaired. It's why Apple no longer makes a 17" MacBook. It's why they don't make a 15" MacBook Air.You throw the word progress around like it's an end-all-be-all. Progress was Touch ID. Progress was the 64-bit...
I tried to preempt sog by making a joke that this meant the 5.5" iPhone was coming but he already jumped in and made his usual 5.5" iPhone post.
Just like every year there are delay rumors. Just give me a new 4" phone Apple. That's all I want. And if not the 4.7" should work. And gold, please. Please have enough gold versions. And leave that 5.5" for other companies.
A9 rumors already!
This rumored official promo shot should hopefully calm the seas of the rumor this thread describes And if this promo shot is in fact the iPhone 6 I can't wait to preorder the gold one.
 I hope they don't. I believe there will be a great deal of people that will find it at the least an annoyance and at the most an abhorrence.  I didn't say I wouldn't buy it. I'm 199% sure I am going to buy it. I just don't want it to wobble.  So because you've never heard anyone complain about the protrusion of Galaxy phones means no one has ever complained? Okay -- because I've never heard anyone complain about Touchwiz there must not be a problem with it¡ I'm not even...
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