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Don't see that in the main section or the i- information section.Hopefully this is a stepping stone to having every receipt stored digitally. Easier and true sales tax deductions await.
For those wondering. Cards in passbook and passbook shows recent purchases. I purchased a lightning cable (can't have enough of those) to test it out. FYI - capital one makes you download a different app to confirm adding your card to  Pay.
Preparing update. Hopefully this goes well. I wonder if places like Walgreens/McDonald's have every store prepared to accept already.
Until live sports streaming is not tied to a cable plan I'm still stuck. That's what is holding me back from cutting.Yeah can't help but wonder if this is a precursor to Apple's announcement tomorrow or just HBO getting ahead of the game.For sure. Just like AT&T/Verizon with cell phone plans the cable companies (of which said companies are also apart of) are not going to let us win out with any a la carte programming. Not unless there's enough blowback or concessions by...
Been waiting for Google news app for like 4 years. Damn if they don't take long to do certain things. Edit: did not know they bundled weather with it *head scratching commenced*
Been too long? Gene just crapped his pants.Same. At least once a day it happens hahaMac Pro Mini
😂😂😂😂We may have a winner for best bendable phone related joke!
Easy..it happened when the masses got access to the Internet.
Yeah I want to know what their track record was with iPhone rumors. I bet it was off just like this will be. They're updating and releasing both models at the same time I'm sure of it.Also hoping for Apple TV update as they did ad HomeKit functionality to the 3rd gen. Can't wait to walk in to my place and say "Hey Siri turn on my TV." Also looking for the 13" iPad Air 2 Plus Active Super** to be released as I believe businesses and artists alike will find a grand use for...
I recognized then right away. I'm sure it depends on your demographic. Besides, Fallon is a big pusher of Apple. He pro minutely displays his Mac in every show. People need to lighten up though. Apple is seling a smartphone here. Smartphones are supposed to be fun. And realistically, besides the size and iOS 8, what would you like them to show? They're showing they can be fun. Just like the Siri 4S ads of a few years ago. When  Pay (and subsequently  Watch) becomes...
New Posts  All Forums: