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Imagine what would happen if AAPL posted a loss in a quarter. What are you spending over $20 billion on, Bezos?
That was an abysmal ad. I'm at a loss for words.
Or like Steve JobsĀ”
And not as highly (or ever) advertised. And not as highly discounted. Probably not as technically innovative in comparison to their bigger brethren. And therefore not as highly sought after. And with Android being made specifically for bigger screens likely not as highly usable.
What smaller Android phone option do those people have?The answer is none. They went with the larger phones because that was the only non-iPhone option that they had.If people just wanted as big as they can get the Note would be killing all other Android devices and I'm sure stats say that it's not even in the top 5.
This definitely makes things more exciting. How timely is it that this gets granted on the day of the earnings call? As someone mentioned this is 3 years in the making so I wouldn't expect this exact representation when they finally do announce. Hopefully it is more advanced with the basis being this patent. Leave everyone else in the dust.
The beats one was quick
Facebook and GOOG must be in a battle for who can build the most first party apps. Good on google though because most of their mobile websites leave a LOT to be desired.
That's why the article is extrapolating that this would work with an iWatch device that you wear constantly thereby not having to carry your phone everywhere. But you'd have to wear it all the time in the house.
I think what some are missing is that he's saying a grand production of devices won't happen until later in the year. Think gold iPhone 5s. It still launched on target (though, yes, the 'iWatch' has no official target date) although in very limited quantities. The scarcity may be similar for this device. For it to be a part of this amazing pipeline it has to be released at some point.
New Posts  All Forums: