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For reference here is how AAPL has done post announcement. This comes from Forbes at this link (iPhone 6 announcement not included): http://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckjones/2014/09/05/analysis-of-apples-share-price-post-product-announcements/ So in general the stock has done favorably over the last few iPhone announcements even a week after the unveiling.
Why anyone listens to him anymore is beyond my comprehension. Hopefully they bring out a car next year to show that he is not in the infinite loop (pun heavily intended).
Yes. The new gaming consoles are coming with 500 GB of HDD space by default because of the sizes of games, game saves, apps, etc. On my PS4 I'm probably already using about a fifth of the space (disregarding the OS space usage) and that's not with much content. If intensive games are to be played on this device there will have to be HDD requirements to support unless they've broken ground on being able to limit the amount of data needed to stream from iCloud while still...
So many services have universal search. I know this will be new to iOS with 9 and is a harbinger for this functionality but this will not be new to streaming TV services so the "wow" factor I'm not seeing. If this is what Steve "cracked" then they took far to long to implement it. Obviously these are rumors so we'll see on announcement day. I'm eager to see what's in store.
It's definitely intriguing. My question would be how this could potentially play in to an Apple TV subscription service as it is a 2K screen based on rumors and web analytics logs and would be big enough as a personal TV connected to an Apple TV hub. Then there are the possibilities with lifestyle apps and enterprise. I'm interested in how they place this device.
I'll be keeping. I typically get about 5 albums a year so I'm paying a little more but it's readily accessible and I have every album and artist that I would want. It's a no-brainer to me in the regard. Especially when you consider other streaming services yield a similar per month price.
If there is to be a 6c it would seem as if it would not be a 4.7" variant. That'd be a lot of unapologetic plastic. Then again – with screen size being a major differentiator to being called an iPhone 6 – would a 4 inch "iPhone 6c" carry an odd name? Or would this be the new plan to keep a 4 inch phone around? Only build them every other year during the 's' phase. It is very much influx what size this potential phone would have.
Not going to quote everything but this was a really good post with really good points. Differentiation is a key. The 4S was plagued a bit by the fact that it "looked the same" as the 4 – a model being sold for $100 less (uninformed consumers couldn't differentiate the two). The first two 'S' generations had no differentiation from the mid-tier offering. The third did with the 5s/5c. This will be the fourth opportunity to see if Apple sticks with the current trend or...
I like the ads being quick. Emphasizes that you can get information and perform functions a little more quickly with Watch.
AI why would you even put that as a title? Now the news aggregators will lump this "article" in with all the other "...Earnings Miss" articles. For shame.
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