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I doubt they'd only be linked with Amex. They'd have to have Visa as well in tow for sure. Plus MC. The problem is unless they're 'AirDropping' these NFC receptacles at all these businesses on launch day then how prolific will this payments rollout be? I know in my normal day-to-day with all the restaurants/shops/etc. I go to I don't see them.
And because there is a patent on the design of the Eiffel Tower the city of Vegas almost assuredly has to pay the city of Paris to use that likeness. I used to live in an apartment building here in the Dallas area called the Delano. They got sued by the Delano hotel in Miami for using the hotel's building design and likeness. They had to redo all their interior/exterior designs and change their name to the Delante to avoid further lawsuits.
Because those other companies are known for and prone to it. Apple isn't.
With regards to price, which is the context we were talking about.
The carries already payed full price for the phone. They can do pretty much what they want. They aren't going to drop the subsidized price of the iPhone 6 to $0 immediately or they'll lose money so Apple doesn't have to worry about heavy discounting. But like Tallest said..Apple does not discount the iPhone.
So anyone can just build a skyscraper with the same design as 1 World Trade Center? Or the Empire State Building? Or the Sears Tower? Or - more apropos - Apple's Spaceship Campus? Design patents are there for a reason just like other patents. To eliminate copycat designers/engineers/artists.
It's official. The word purport and all its tenses have been killed by Appleinsider.
That's not Apple discounting..those are carries.Apple still charges full price:
Let the analysis of the invitation commence!   This is a little early than usual. Recent history has the invitations being sent out one week in advance.   Question..is this new venue bigger than where the usual iPhone events have been? If so they are expected more press for their announcements.
So who will be "right?" Well-connected Ming or well-connected John Paczkowski? I myself can't wait to see it.
New Posts  All Forums: