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😂😂😂😂We may have a winner for best bendable phone related joke!
Easy..it happened when the masses got access to the Internet.
Yeah I want to know what their track record was with iPhone rumors. I bet it was off just like this will be. They're updating and releasing both models at the same time I'm sure of it.Also hoping for Apple TV update as they did ad HomeKit functionality to the 3rd gen. Can't wait to walk in to my place and say "Hey Siri turn on my TV." Also looking for the 13" iPad Air 2 Plus Active Super** to be released as I believe businesses and artists alike will find a grand use for...
I recognized then right away. I'm sure it depends on your demographic. Besides, Fallon is a big pusher of Apple. He pro minutely displays his Mac in every show. People need to lighten up though. Apple is seling a smartphone here. Smartphones are supposed to be fun. And realistically, besides the size and iOS 8, what would you like them to show? They're showing they can be fun. Just like the Siri 4S ads of a few years ago. When  Pay (and subsequently  Watch) becomes...
Thou shalt not speak ill of Fiona lest thou want a bomb placed under his car
PNot to mention all the people that preordered and then got shipping dates in November. I'm sure those numbers were excluded contrary to others' opinions. I wonder how many more would have sold and been preordered if Apple's own site and the carrier sites weren't crashing like mad on preorder day.
Yes seriously. The 6 is slightly too big, especially to use one handed. I don't know how anyone is making use of the plus. Hopefully I get used to the 6 over time but a 4" iPhone 6 would have been purchased vociferously.
It's no different than people waiting in line to see the new movie that's coming out instead of just going to see it on Sunday afternoon or people waiting in line for Black Friday deals. I don't understand why people make such a big deal out of other people standing in line for something those other people want.
False. These are multiple venues around the world.This is so great to see. Anxiously waiting for mine at home as we speak. I'm also anxiously waiting for the numbers. It's going to be huge even without China.
Anxiously waiting for the sportscenter widget and a few others. If I could edit my fantasy lineup from a widget that would be outstanding (though far-reaching). I like the possibilities and I like the Notification Center restriction. Don't kill my battery more than it already gets killed.
New Posts  All Forums: