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Beautifully described. Especially the asinine reader commentary part. Brought a tear to my eye 😢
More specs but no hardware/software leaks. Smells fishy. Like halibut. Yeah 8 GB memory seems like a lot. I can understand the RAM if it is to constantly monitor vitals and such so likely half the RAM will be dedicated to such activities. But it's not like you're going to be running Safari on it. Didn't the first iPad come with 512 RAM?
This thread is great for many reasons. On topic: I can't see Jony saying this nor can I see someone on his team repeating it to anyone, let alone the NYT. It has been stated that he has a pretty close knit team. If that's true then he would most assuredly know who went crawling to the NYT for some scoop money.
They did it so they can scream that they did it first without usability and functionality in mind. I still don't understand that about Samsung and these other companies. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do something.
Look how big this damn "watch" is
No doubt sog made up half of those 5.5" votes. I would be in the other camp. My glimmer of hope regarding a new A8-infused 4" is fading fast
Exactly! It's like saying a light bulb uses flexible glass. No it does not.
Cool but not practical.
Dreck. I forgot their announcements were today. Over under on "SamsungInsider" type articles from AI this week? I'm setting the bar at three.
HOAs and school districts especially need to get to work on banning these from flying anywhere near their respective areas. It's going to get ugly pretty fast.
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