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Look how big this damn "watch" is
No doubt sog made up half of those 5.5" votes. I would be in the other camp. My glimmer of hope regarding a new A8-infused 4" is fading fast
Exactly! It's like saying a light bulb uses flexible glass. No it does not.
Cool but not practical.
Dreck. I forgot their announcements were today. Over under on "SamsungInsider" type articles from AI this week? I'm setting the bar at three.
HOAs and school districts especially need to get to work on banning these from flying anywhere near their respective areas. It's going to get ugly pretty fast.
I'm pretty sure PhotoStream is opt in when setting up/configuring your device. I can't remember exactly but someone else can verify that.
"Alcazar" I guess is me haha
Currently there are limits to how much is stored in photostream. Last 1000 photos and only (I believe) for the last 30 days.But iOS8 is coming with storing all photos automatically (like Google +, Dropbox, Kindle Fire, etc.) so it's not like this wouldn't be an issue in any cloud service.
New Posts  All Forums: