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If that's 4.7" I don't want it. I'll still get it if that's the smallest screen for the new flagship. It looks huge, though. I'm hoping there will at least be a 4" new phone released alongside if this 4.7"/5.5" comes to fruition.
Their latest major release for iPhone came with a screen size increase (against the "in abundance" norm) and then the next came with two phones released at once and a sunset of the previous year's model (again against the "in abundance" norm). Their latest major release for iPad (mini to retina) came with a price increase. I think norms are out the window at this point. Especially with this potential significant screen size increase/phablet release. They may release a new...
Not necessarily claimed as fact but you and many others surmised that they wouldn't do it where there is no more precedent that they wouldn't. Likely that they wouldn't, yes, but more likely than before that they would do something against the norm. That needs to be acknowledged by everyone (not just you of course) more than it has been.
That's not an explanation. Merely fact. Why was the mini with retina more than the mini without? There is no explanation but it does leave open the opportunity for Apple to increase the iPhone price as they disproved the rule of the new model of a device not increasing in price. So no one can state as fact that they wouldn't do it again.
When has Apple ever sought out those consumers?Then explain The New iPad (iPad 3) going retina and not increasing in price while the mini did. I still don't get that logic.Aren't a majority of their purchases the 16 GB model? Most people must feel that is enough space. From what I've seen the 32 GB version is usually the least purchased and 64 GB is second.I don't think they look like Samsung devices myself but feel free to make some new mockups.
You can't which is fine with me. If the link isn't at the very bottom of the page (most aren't) then continue swiping until the link is above the "hidden" area. Pretty simple. Once you know it you're used to it.It actually stops you from tapping those pesky ads that appear at the bottom of most web pages.
The offspring of the Nokia
As others mentioned just tap the photo to remove the top/bottom bars.In Safari you can tap the very bottom of the screen after the bottom and top bars go away and the navigation bar at the top and the navigation arrow/share/tabs buttons on the bottom show up immediately.
It's coming from Kuo which makes me want to believe but the absurd-ness of some of the predictions makes me question if something was "lost in translation."
He's saying when Apple comes out with an iWatch there will be a scramble by companies like Samsung to match what Apple produces and neglect what they originally designed. You need look no further than the before and after iPhone/iPad pictures.
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