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Was that the illusion before the reveal by the magician?He envisioned TV in Isaacson's book and said it would be a TV set. So was this 2010 meeting before or after his discussion of TV with Walter?From the book:
That's what the Moov does, right? Determines where it is and changes it's calculations (among other things). And wasn't that created by a former Apple employee?
Yeah, um, Apple Earth, anyone?
I concur.
Yes why there is no swipable erase messages right in the usage section I will never understand. Especially for other apps. Why can't I just deleted the saved data of an app without having to delete and reinstall completely. Anyone know how to report iOS bugs? Found one with pulling on notification banners ang going into the notification center.
..bane of my *digital* life
One of the things that really pisses me off is the today view that shows you the weather but does not show you the current temperature all the time. It shows you the high for the day and it shows you the low for the day sometimes but doesn't show you the current temperature all the time. That really pisses me off that you cannot control that. Miniscule rant over.
Pulling home screen down for the search doesn't 'hiccup' anymore!
It is definitely snappier in most aspects that I've seen so far (closing apps to the home screen, list scrolling, switching between app pages, opening apps from home/search, zooming in/out of folders, pulling up the keyboard).
The lockscreen keyboard is different (I think) if anyone cares My update was ~ 271 MB. Text size on the notification center looks considerably larger and I have my text size setting at the smallest level. They also finally made the clear button for notifications bigger and easier to read
New Posts  All Forums: