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That's why I haven't paid for more iCloud storage. Was waiting for these options. Now, when do they go into affect?
It works from the iPhone 5 on. That's sweet.   $349. More than the initial iPad Mini was. Time to take out some loans.
I like it. I like it a lot. I think the implications are huge. Especially with the Fitness app giving you these goals of globally recommended fitness/caloric intake levels. It'll make it that much easier to become healthier.   It also looks nice. It's not ostentatious. It's not in your face. It is customizable. It is not shoehorning a mobile OS into 2" screen. It's not 270º when claiming to be 360º.   Side Note:   Now with HomeKit, HealthKit, and WatchKit, how soon...
That was expected due to NFC that it's iPhone 6/6+ only. NFC was needed. Doesn't look like it's coming to the AppleWatch, though. Can't wait to be able to use it. Too bad there's no 4 incher :(
All mobile sites should die a slow, painful death. Okay not all but 99% of them. They're terrible. They take away standard functionality. They don't allow you to zoom. They often employ ridiculous gesture control that ends up shifting you to an article that you don't want. Their ads are often taking up 30%+ of the screen. It's like they developed these "mobile" sites with a desktop browser in mind which is unbelievable.
Same. I want a 4" iPhone 6.
Looks nice. I really want a facelift and functionality upgrade in the forums. That's where I spend most of my time.
Have your TV and eat it too.
Haha too early.This is very interesting and the implications are huge. Maybe Nike will be there to demo how their fitness apps will work with iWatch/Health. It's going to be a crazy next 4+ hours.
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