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My iPad mini is saying 6.9 gigs of space needed πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜”
I got that too. It was from downloading a song from iTunes Match.
Needs 4.6 gigs for my iPhone 5 😩
This is great. Hopefully there are new things that haven't been rumored yet as Tim has stated. Touch ID for all Macs would be a huge plus. I'm still waiting for the need to get a laptop (I don't own one myself just an original iPad and a retina iPad Mini) and I want it to be a Mac. Still waiting for a major breakthrough/update for Apple TV as well.
Where's the portal to remove preinstalled apps from my iOSΒ‘ People jumped on this like a cat to milk. I don't remember these types of complaints when Jay-Z's album was given to all Samnsung owners, if in fact they also preloaded them to everyone. Users would be able to remove this from iOS themselves if Apple allowed it like they used to do for apps downloaded from the App Store. IIRC you could go to purchased, swipe, and select hide from purchases. Apple should bing...
That's not a clutch.
The ads were just meh. Expect the counter move by Apple soon. They're not asleep at the wheel and knew they were coming. The ads for the usability of a large screen phone will be coming out this week I'm sure. It'd be awesome if they showed how many Notes have been sold since the Note 1 and how many 6+ iPhones were preordered. Now that would show who "popularized" the big screen form factor.
I believe continuity only works when both devices are connected to the same wifi. Or if you use your phone as a hotspot which could potentially kill your data plan.
These installment plans for the phones are making it a lot easier for people to decide to do just as you did and pick the largest space option possible because the difference per month is so negligible. Makes Apple's ASP go way up.
On the flipside, there are a lot of women that go out at night wearing slim fitting dresses/formal attire and carrying clutches (small handheld purses for those that don't know) for which the 6+ likely wouldn't fit into so size is still important. Also many women like putting their phones in their back pocket for which the 6+ (and maybe even the 6) may also not fit into.
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