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Haha very true.Others: "We had sapphire first!"Apple: "We had 10,000,000 of them first."Tim Cook:
What Apple is saying is iCloud was not broken in to and encrypted photos et al were not taken and decrypted. What they are slyly saying is the hackers figured out how to login as the celebrity through some other means and then downloaded the pics. Two completely different things.
99 minutes and 14 seconds.9.9.14
I use the male British Siri. He sounds like a dignified villain. It's very commanding.
Why would it have to have a data link to store your card details? You've heard of passbook, right?
Apple has sold, what, 500,000,000+ http://www.forbes.com/sites/markrogowsky/2014/03/25/without-much-fanfare-apple-has-sold-its-500-millionth-iphone/ iPhones since ever and you're saying that Samsung has sold 20% of that number in the 5" or more variety?Citation?
Gene Munster blah blah blah Apple HDTV blah blah blah who cares what he says. Stock hopefully isn't up today mostly on this price target upgrade.I wholly concur.
If you create a public or private Shared Photo Stream (read: private) it sure does:Not that I believe these celebs would know about that feature. I don't think most people do.
No doubt sog made this vid.
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