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New article titles for the analysts: "Apple Doesn't Care About Net Neutrality" "Apple Believes Their Data is Better Than Everyone Else's"
Right that would be nowhere.Only thing Apple did was release an 8 GB model which is seen as the "writing on the wall" when they've done that for the mid-tier line since the 4.
Didn't say all users pirate media just relaying the fact that it is easy to do on Android and I did note that it was only an observation of 5 users in a vacuum. I do not know which app it was. Nice exclamation points.
I'll give you an example. I'm at the gym one day and a couple of guys are talking. They're talking about newly released movies and being able to watch on their phone. I ask them what app they're using to watch those movies and they're like "you got an Android?" I'm like no, iPhone. They're like "sorry you can't get this app."Of course this is in a vacuum but that's 5 android users easily getting pirated movies, in 2014, on their phones.
I do see 5Cs in the wild. It is a pretty good looking, quality built phone. I don't get the constant denigration. It's cheaper to build than both the 4S that it's replacing in the mid teir and the 5. And Apple is selling it as much as the mid teir always sells for. What's even more surprising is the constant discussion about an "oh no!" 8 GB model. Every year they release an 8 GB version of one of their models. It's not unfounded. Apple can't win.
I remember seeing someone propose the iTunes for Android idea in a different thread. I just don't see it, though. I don't see Android users wanting to buy things through Apple that will be restricted to play through Apple apps. They want streaming or they want non-drm. What would iTunes give them that Google Play/Spotify doesn't?
Stock will surely go down on this news.
Was that the illusion before the reveal by the magician?He envisioned TV in Isaacson's book and said it would be a TV set. So was this 2010 meeting before or after his discussion of TV with Walter?From the book:
That's what the Moov does, right? Determines where it is and changes it's calculations (among other things). And wasn't that created by a former Apple employee?
Yeah, um, Apple Earth, anyone?
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