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I believe continuity only works when both devices are connected to the same wifi. Or if you use your phone as a hotspot which could potentially kill your data plan.
These installment plans for the phones are making it a lot easier for people to decide to do just as you did and pick the largest space option possible because the difference per month is so negligible. Makes Apple's ASP go way up.
On the flipside, there are a lot of women that go out at night wearing slim fitting dresses/formal attire and carrying clutches (small handheld purses for those that don't know) for which the 6+ likely wouldn't fit into so size is still important. Also many women like putting their phones in their back pocket for which the 6+ (and maybe even the 6) may also not fit into.
Yeah it's a nice implementation but a compromise. Better than Damnsung's implementation at least.Bottom line, it is a stoopidly large device to carry around at all hours of the day. It is closer to iPad than iPhone. Like I hoped early on they should have called it the iPad Nano (with cellular connectivity).
It was definitely a tongue-in-cheek way of saying that Tesla motors did exactly what you were saying could not be done. And Apple has done the same thing in the industries that they've entered, especially with the iPhone. Replace auto with phone in your previous post and that's exactly what was asked about Apple in 2007.
Do you know how big the US is?Absolutely not. AT&T et. al. will continue to make you pay for the lines they laid 40 years ago.
With how they jumped into  Watch with the brevity and customizability I see that happening in more and more products they release. I think they hit the house next. Connected (almost) everything.  House.
No problem. Glad I and @chadbag could help.I guess it works out in the end, then, but I still have my doubts. I'm sure it'll become the new normal plan in a couple of years.
I'd rather hug the wall than use a Samesung product.
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