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    I don't think so. Yes they've been about market share on one side and margins on the other. But I don't think they've ever been about sacrificing margins to gain market share. Price points for older models go down because production costs go down. That increases market share while maintaining margins.   I don't see them introducing an iPad Mini for lower margins to continue dominating the tablet space. They'd only introduce it if the margins were still there. And a...
    Kind of similar but I'm guessing the iPhone design was finalized before the Samsung unveiling.   EDIT - Actually, Wikipedia tells me this phone wasn't unveiled until February 2008.
$185,000 per proposal?   Now I know the real reason for all of this.
  That's what is said every time. And they still have blowout quarters. It won't affect.     smh
  Why are you you increasing the height of the keys? You're not losing pixels in landscape mode. Everything isn't going to just increase in size. The notepad app would gain more real estate laterally. The Notes and Done buttons wouldn't get bigger.     Probably revert to the 3:2 keyboard. Not ideal but, hey, neither is adding black bars.
  Too easy.       If they made the phone longer (in landscape)/taller (in portrait) I'm guessing they wouldn't keep the same amount of keys on the keyboard in landscape mode. It would accommodate more keys like a shift key on either side, comma and semicolon keys, quote keys, etc. We would have the same amount of screen real estate in landscape that we do now.   --   For craps and giggles I present the next iPhone "mockup":  
Read this article this morning and he makes a lot of sense. Was surprised that this was a CEO coming out. Makes it more believable than an "analyst" with "supply-chain checks." Come out with your different interface options with connections and then bringing out the integrated set.
  Do you have the app installed?   If that's not the case maybe that is something that'll be fixed in iOS6. I've been FB free for two years now. Feels good.
  You must not know moderating, then. Sometimes you have to have a public banning so people understand that someone actually was banned. He could have wiped out the whole sequence. He might after the fact. But it goes with the territory.   Moderating is not easy. It's even harder when you're invested in the forum the way TS is because it's a lot like parenting. As a moderator your "kids" (read: regular members) are not going to be okay with everything you say or do but...
New Posts  All Forums: