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 I hope they don't. I believe there will be a great deal of people that will find it at the least an annoyance and at the most an abhorrence.  I didn't say I wouldn't buy it. I'm 199% sure I am going to buy it. I just don't want it to wobble.  So because you've never heard anyone complain about the protrusion of Galaxy phones means no one has ever complained? Okay -- because I've never heard anyone complain about Touchwiz there must not be a problem with it¡ I'm not even...
This has nothing to do with that device. By that logic Apple should put in Touchwiz since Crapsung sells so many devices and apparently people don't have a problem with it. I could not give one crap about the S5 let alone two.I do give a crap about the usability of my phone and what I've come to expect from Apple. I put the phone on flat surfaces (my desk) all the time and use the phone. I don't want it rocking back and forth like an uneven chair.
Please don't do this Apple. On the iPod yeah it's okay since it's not a 30+ million sold device. This can't end well unless there is an absolutely critical reason that we don't know yet.
You know how much sense that does not make, right? Wall Street is propping up the expectations, not AAPL. If the stock went up rightly with AAPL's blowout quarters then there'd be no problem. If the stock went down because AAPL didn't meet their expectations then there'd be no problem. The fact that the stock ebbs and flows based on faulty expectations from people who don't have a clue of what AAPL is doing is the problem.But hey, that's Wall Street. The game is not built...
I said new.
Yes a new 4" model is what I want too but it's looking unlikely.
But you bit on the initial post. So no, thank you.
Meanwhile at Amazon's offices
iPod Pro as in this 5.5" rumor hopefully not being an iPhone as in it was a joke.
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