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Bull. You don't know anything. You've seen a potential working prototype of the 4.7" iPhone 6 two days before it's unveiling. Maybe a 5.5" casing. And some components which happens with every release months before it's released. That's ALL you've seen this whole year. You can't name anything else.
Their contract demands required the reduction in price of the phone.
"Tim Cook...your response?"
Which is what he is doing.
Woz, is that you?
And during the SJ days we were not selling the number of iPhones that we are selling now. So why would you not expect when there's this much in manufacturing capacity that the potential for leaks is a lot greater?As a matter of fact, the reason why people are so hard on for leaks of anything related to Apple is because of the iPhone 4 in the bar incident. If that never happened then people wouldn't see the publicity a certain site can receive when they accurately predict...
Looks like a 🍕💩
It will not be. Cook's going to let them flounder away in mediocrity."The new Apple iWatch. iOnlyWork with Apple devices."
It's one day before it's supposedly going to be revealed. The 'leaks' today are SCHEMATICS. Have you seen a device yet? Dummy devices? Blurry images of the supposed (purported) iWatch? No you haven't. So take your Cook bashing elsewhere.
I'm using mine on my desk right now. Take a look:Photo taken with Retina iPad MiniAt home, I rarely do this. But I use mine on my desk at work every single day.
New Posts  All Forums: