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Bottom line is since 2010 they've both followed a naming convention.
You know that line started selling in 2010, right? The iPhone line has been standard from 2010 as well. iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5C is a variant of the parent. I'm pretty sure the next one will be the iPhone 6. Looks like convention to me. This naming convention actually started with the 3G and then 3GS. When did Samsung start the "S" line? After the 3GS. Coincidence? 
You really think those are the only names they've used in this line? They had upwards of 13 names for the original Galaxy S alone with more than 5 for the S2http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samsung_Galaxy_S
I wish Steve were still alive for these mediation sessions so we could hear stories of him throwing chairs at Samsung's faces.
As a name I personally prefer Scamsung.
Looks like similar implications to this kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hellobragi/the-dash-wireless-smart-in-ear-headphones
I'd much rather he give them the middle finger and just drop the new products. Don't give these media idiots anything to go on.
Losing billions of dollars never affects your stock price? Ever? It allows to grow your market cap 200%?I need to lose more money.Yeah they have other ventures but continually losing money and having a sell off throwing away multiple quarters of profit is not good business. That's what started getting Microsoft into trouble thinking they're untouchable.
So the amount of money GOOG was losing every year from Motorola has already been accounted for? Funny..their stock doesn't show that: 1. Lose billions money year-over-year? Stock goes up 2. Sell off money-losing business at a substantial billion dollar loss? Stock goes up 3. Profit
/sPlus I believe the China phones will be completely different SKUs.Bingo.
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