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How they throw in 'fondle' and don't slide a 'dongle' in the same articles I'll never know.I believe all iPhone events have been live streamed. At least since the iPhone 4 IIRC.
I think that's the approach. It can't be open season to all developers. The apps have to have real implications. There are so many apps in the App Store that are worthless. It needs to be finely curated. Or at the very least there need to be extreme guardrails for developers.
That's the thing, though. If you're using a ad card it is not onboard storage. It is semi-onboard for a period of time. Yes there are benefits but it is outweighed by the work on the processor to access the storage. It creates inefficiencies. It creates extra components in the device. And it creates extra headaches.
That seems a great deal less reliable than Touch ID though at being accurate enough to detect who you are. That sounds cool but I think it'll be unlikely. Something more along the lines of authenticating to the device initially with Touch ID and that authentication remaining until the watch is removed is more likely. However, that seems like it would become an annoyance having to in essence resync every time you put on the iWatch. We will hopefully know soon enough.
That is not happening. iCloud and network connectivity will become more ubiquitous before Apple ads any extra storage slots to their mobile devices.
I didn't see anything untruthful in the poster's statement. The Swiss are renown for both.
All features in iOS8 won't go to the iPhone 4 thus lowering it's space on the device similar to how the iWatch won't have full-fledged iOS.
And likely they haven't stockpiled the devices as they may have to change something to get FCC approval. Unlikely, but still possible.
Maybe announcements but not actual public unveilings. That would get expensive.I'd imagine there would be more additions to the iPad than just to have its update as a footnote in comparison. They will want to show off Touch ID, most likely advanced multitasking, etc.
It's a repucracy.
New Posts  All Forums: