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We can only hope!This was the first thing I thought of too when they put that headline with that image haha
I hope that poster in the other thread that was losing his mind about Angela not starting sooner has his concerns eased.
The absurdity of that Rufus cuff is that you can get any number of arm bands that hold your phone and then you have this "cuff." I have a Nike arm band for my phone for when I run in the mornings and it is exactly what that is. But better because you don't have to spend an extra $230.
The story is on TIME.com smh http://time.com/69136/apple-maps-loch-ness-monster/
Haha..I was implying sites created around brands
With maybe tens of thousands of different watch/strap types I don't know if that would work, if Apple could build straps that are as versatile as that proposition would need to be.I don't think it's going to make people just throw away their traditional watches either unless it looks sleek enough to be worn in many non-athletic situations while also providing enough information for athletes. It's going to need to be there and give all this information without being there....
Feel free to build some and start selling them to the masses.It shouldn't be forgivable. Any thread started on AI by a "regular" member should be treated as an editorial until the content of the post proves otherwise. Go to "SamsungInsidersDotCom" and you'll see Samsung editorials in their forums. Go to "PatriotsInsiderDotCom" and you'll find editorials about how great Tom Brady is. That should be expected and it's so surprising when people come here not expecting that.
Do you see that there left field? That's where this news came out of. The writing has to be on the wall. There had to be a reason for the exclusivity of the Nike apps to iOS. They must have something cooking with Apple. The Fuelband must have been the test bed.
Late April fools joke?
TThe difference I'm guessing is that you won't be limited to 5 or so song matches in a short period of time. I believe the app is still restricted in that fashion. With an Apple integration it could be unlimited.
New Posts  All Forums: