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Anxiously waiting for the sportscenter widget and a few others. If I could edit my fantasy lineup from a widget that would be outstanding (though far-reaching). I like the possibilities and I like the Notification Center restriction. Don't kill my battery more than it already gets killed.
Took about an hour total. Everything looks good. I like "Hey Siri" functionality. More discovery to come. iPad Mini update still ongoing.
*ba dum tis*For those of us with charging cases this will be possible even when out and about which will be sweet.
It's up to the developer whether to still require custom passwords or not which they will in fact do if their users request it.
My iPad mini is saying 6.9 gigs of space needed πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜”
I got that too. It was from downloading a song from iTunes Match.
Needs 4.6 gigs for my iPhone 5 😩
This is great. Hopefully there are new things that haven't been rumored yet as Tim has stated. Touch ID for all Macs would be a huge plus. I'm still waiting for the need to get a laptop (I don't own one myself just an original iPad and a retina iPad Mini) and I want it to be a Mac. Still waiting for a major breakthrough/update for Apple TV as well.
Where's the portal to remove preinstalled apps from my iOSΒ‘ People jumped on this like a cat to milk. I don't remember these types of complaints when Jay-Z's album was given to all Samnsung owners, if in fact they also preloaded them to everyone. Users would be able to remove this from iOS themselves if Apple allowed it like they used to do for apps downloaded from the App Store. IIRC you could go to purchased, swipe, and select hide from purchases. Apple should bing...
That's not a clutch.
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