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Welcome. Can't wait to hear The Dr. on earnings callsĀ” Glad the initial 'saga' is over. Caint wait for the complainers to eat crow.
But they do care about what Shamsung is doing as the most recent trial showed. It's the reason so much of the Apple marketing is moving in-house. Schiller et al openly complained to TBWI (or whatever) about Shamesung's marketing taking away mindshare. Another case (pun intended) for Apple's caring about Scamsung are all the trials they've been in (though those are thankfully subsiding while Spamsung will soon be imploding).Their shortcomings should be celebrated. If you...
Getting my popcorn ready to watch this thread.
Let's start staggering these releases next year Apple. I can only hold on to money for so long
Superb Futurama reference.
And just like sporting events/museums with novelty tickets the hotels will start giving out novelty keycards.My guess is the keycards aren't going away and they'll still be available as a backup option.
They should become a non-profit, then.They don't make commercials or ads saying their competitors stuff is crap in comparison.
So why not sue Beats before they get any kind of marketshare? I haven't seen any inklings that Bose has consistently warned them of patent infringement.
Analysts: Constant share purchases by AAPL show they have no faith in the general investor. We're downgrading the stock to Overweight from Buy status.
I mentioned this before, too. We can only hope.Also, please make a new 4" AAPL. Please.
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