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I have. I have one. Apple's site says it has to be paired with an iPhone.That's where my confusion was. I have used it on Watch but not when I didn't have my iPhone with me.
Yes it does if you want to do  Pay.
Touch ID won't come to the iPod because it isn't always connected. Similarly,  Watch needs to pull data and if the iPod isn't connected it becomes less useful. I believe because of this neither will come to or be able to sync with the iPod.
What's funny is they claim they intended to make an Android watch before Android was mainstream and much before Android Wear was even discussed as a platform.
Tim Cook's reaction:
I didn't say they had an agreement or a contract. I said they were bound by licensing. I would imagine licensing stipulations on the content owner side disallow Apple from making AirPlay standard on all videos.That doesn't make sense. As long as you're paying for their Internet and have a login for their service it shouldn't matter what Internet you're currently accessing. Unless it is to avoid the hassle of other providers like AT&T potentially blocking/throttling access...
Are they seriously giving it the + moniker? Wow man.
All they would do is block access to the app until you login with your Comcast user ID that shows that you have an Internet subscription service with them.Just like Time Warner et al block access to their apps until you login and prove that you have their cable subscription service.
Anyone that wants to be a cord cutter has to have Internet. So no one can be a full cord-cutter in that sense of the phrase. But it generally refers to those canceling cable subscriptions. But Comcast and these other companies still have contracts to distribute the content. They own some of it as well. So they aren't going to just give you access to their content no matter what internet provider you have. At least not at this stage of the game.It is a software function to...
And yet no inquiries about Google matching policies in Google Play similar to the App Store.
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