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"Barely find any."I mentioned a number of brands other than Rolex. It's just not done. If so very, very, very, very rarely.Put the logo on the watch where it doesn't look ridiculous. Then submit to Apple.
What say you both that Google and Amazon charge the same exact 30% fee and have the same exact rules for linking to external store fronts?
So because forecasts initially calling for x number of watches – with no basis for those forecasts – are being lowered, again, with no basis for the lowering of those forecasts, means it's doing bad. Right.They already announced native 3rd party apps with Watch OS 2, at a developer conference, so that should no longer be a concern.Too bad. The market doesn't get what it wants. Just like they don't get to know the mix of iPhones or iPads. And just like they won't get to...
1. I have used Watch. That was a picture of my watch. I never said you could put the logo on multiple faces I said you could do it yourself.2. Look at any watches and, like I said, find ones where their companies' logo is displayed anywhere other than the watch face. Not Rolex. Not Swatch. Not Galaxy Gear. Not Moto 360. You will find barely any.You don't have to display the logo. People know what it is. No one asks me if its a galaxy gear or a moto or microsoft's whatever....
But you don't have a realistic definition of doing well. All you're spouting is that they aren't reporting number which, to you, means Watch isn't doing well which is nonsense.Tim Cook – one of the most powerful CEOs on Earth – is not worried. Not about an accessory to the iPhone. Just like he isn't worried about Apple TV sales. Which is why  Watch numbers will be with the  TV numbers.
You mean on the watch face? Well you can do that yourself.Why?
You don't know that.They said in October they wouldn't report numbers and they haven't. I don't know how hard that is to understand.It doesn't matter anyway. Even if they sold 20 million it would be reported that they aren't getting enough of the install base to purchase Watch.The only people that should really care about  Watch sales are investors looking for an return on the R&D costs for this new category. Apple fans don't care how well the watch is doing. They have...
It's a different product. There really is nowhere they can put it without it looking out of place.
The logo is there it's just not prominently displayed
Good story. Obviously not recommended for customers to do production work in the store but I've never seen employees turn people away. If Apple wanted to stop this they could probably easily put in some types of limits but I don't see them doing that. Like someone said if a potential customer is that good at the software it's definitely a teaching opportunity to get them to do in-store tutorials. Just shows how easy things are on the Mac and with Apple.
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