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They come out with the 128 gig option and it's only for the larger screen? That would really suck. I'm still holding out hope for a 4 inch phone that gives a 128 gig option then I can just tell Apple
Have the iPods always been spaced with those price differences based on hard drive space? This could foreshadow the pricing scheme changes for the iPhone with 16 gig being $199, 32 gig being $249, and 64 gig being $299. That would make a lot of people happy that complain about the up charge for getting the higher hard drive variants.
You typed all that for no reason. What you're failing to see is that notifications weren't sent for other rumors. The question was why this one? Others in this thread have the same question. The question wasn't about you or me. I'm not sure at all why you tried to make this personal. The question is why did AI mislead readers with the title (as others have mentioned) and why did they feel this rumor was so important? They highlight and notify on breaking news items and new...
Unnecessary comment. I don't think the world revolves around me.This article is not breaking news. It's not even that large a rumor. Notifications for the announcement of Swift and Healthkit and Homekit makes sense. Notifications for a small rumor does not. I don't care that you find it interesting. The question wasn't about you.
Or maybe (big IF) Apple knew that this would be a differentiator that they could release later than the competition so that they could have a steady stream of increased sales year-to-year.
EXACTLY.EXACTLY what I was going to post. It's such nonsense.
Why did I get a notification about this story? This does not seem like that big of a story to warrant a notification to let me know that it's breaking news.
I've said it before and I'll say it again I sincerely hope that there is a new 4 inch screen model. That is the size that I want. If there is not a new 4 inch screen size then I will be getting the 4.7 inch model.
New google logo
Apple - Activation Lock Samsung - Reactivation Lock Haha
New Posts  All Forums: