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Or maybe (big IF) Apple knew that this would be a differentiator that they could release later than the competition so that they could have a steady stream of increased sales year-to-year.
EXACTLY.EXACTLY what I was going to post. It's such nonsense.
Why did I get a notification about this story? This does not seem like that big of a story to warrant a notification to let me know that it's breaking news.
I've said it before and I'll say it again I sincerely hope that there is a new 4 inch screen model. That is the size that I want. If there is not a new 4 inch screen size then I will be getting the 4.7 inch model.
New google logo
Apple - Activation Lock Samsung - Reactivation Lock Haha
The implications of this are staggering. No one has given this much thought to the way the life around you can be automated just by devices reading and sensing what you are doing. For instance with myself, I have a bad habit of leaving the TV on when I'm going to sleep. For some reason I'm too lazy to use the remote to set the sleep setting. If something like this article were to come about then the TV can be set to turn off if my device knows that I am asleep for an...
Or ill-u-min-i-ating Oh English. The most stolen Germanic language around!
People want more racial diversity with these iconsNOT these onesI'm surprised they added the middle finger emoji. That thing is going to get overused haha
All I want is a numpad keyboard I can call up at any time. Why CC/phone number/any all (mostly) numeric fields don't invoke a numpad keyboard all the time (or at least as an option) is beyond me.
New Posts  All Forums: