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Meanwhile at Amazon's offices
iPod Pro as in this 5.5" rumor hopefully not being an iPhone as in it was a joke.
It's bigger.Oh, and I forgot the ¡
Can't wait for the 5.5" iPod Pro.
Buy a 16 gig Wi-Fi iPad Air for $500 or a 128 gig MacBook air for $900? Eh…I'd get the MacBook. Pretty good functionality on this thing though.
That was the longest post in the history of the Internet.
This is what else they might be releasing. The Galaxy S Alpha http://bgr.com/2014/08/05/galaxy-alpha-vs-iphone-6-size/ Nice chamfered edges there Sammy.
As long as the phone lasts all day for the vast majority of users that should be all Apple has to do. It's a never ending cycle. What people want is the current phone factor with a better battery. Because once you thicken and add weight to the phone people will complain. I myself have a battery case and a battery pack that I mostly use for trips when I know I won't be near a jack for extended periods of time. Besides those times I and I know a plethora of users can get...
I love this pic.
Commence Tim Cook evil genius laugh
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