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I did say very unlikely, and questioned why this was related to Apple, and said 3rd parties would handle it, and sarcastically said it would unlikely come 5 years from now so...so you should know what I thought.
Not sure why this is related to Apple. It's not something they would ever implement into maps. They'd leave it up to a third party app to create this workflow and then (very unlikely) embed it into maps in like iOS 14.
I know I'm being somewhat critical but I believe the bolded is a poor choice of words. I think it would have been better suited to state "forcing musicians to adapt to new ways of being compensated for their work."Just my 2¢
But those are all paid services, right?  Music will be the only place you can listen to it, for free, for three months. More and more this situation is looking like a win. I gotta think T. Swift and Apple were in cahoots on this.
All her older albums will be on  Music so it's still relevant in the comparison to Spotty and others. I'm sure 1989 will be appear on Apple streaming when the trial periods dry up.She controls everything that's done in and around her. I applaud her for that. Most other artists are pretty envious of he freedom she has I'm sure.
I lived near the Coppell ISD and had coworkers whose kids attended school in the district. They are a pretty forward thinking ISD and have some of the top schools in the state of Texas. Hopefully this works out enough for this Apple-IBM partnership to branch out and start helping schools achieve greater success in this country.
How embarrassing smh
I'm glad this puts pressure on AAPL. Obviously this isn't free from Goodle but the discussion about it should get people talking about how iCloud currently functions and what is provided. More is better especially with how much people take pictures now.
Used for cancer behavioral support not cancer treatment. They aren't trying to reroute the actual disease. They're trying to engage the patient to reroute the effects of the disease.
Now AAPL should come out with a TV just to shove it in his face and other analysts that think they know what Apple is doing.
New Posts  All Forums: