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Will it be thinner to match the iPad Air 2? I think that would go a long way as an update as well.
This is a big f'n deal. I wonder if this will lessen the need for analysts to try and denigrate the stock now that big swings on Apple will have an effect on the Dow as a whole.
Well I made a comment about their price being close to Apple's not about the other end of the spectrum. Being close to Apple in price puts them in a tough spot. This is Apple we're talking about. You have a kickstarter company trying to compete in a certain price range. I understand Samsung/Google giving them a challenge at the high end price points but not Pebble. Maybe their time will come but definitely not at this point. Seeing an Apple product and a Pebble product...
Before it's even released. The hype builds!
They're encroaching on  Watch pricing territory which does not bode well for them, even with the Edition-looking version.
The gold watch with the black band looks exquisite.
Typically the iPhones/iPads come out 1 or 2 weeks after the announcement? Can we extrapolate what this date means for the  Watch release timeline?
Tim Cook's reaction
Yes. This.This statement makes no sense. I'd like to unlock the Mac with Touch ID. I'd like to download from the Mac App Store/iTunes with Touch ID. I'd like to make secure payments with Touch ID.
This.As I've said before what's the point of an analysts forecasts if they get to change it whenever they want? If they're so good at predicting what's to come based on their "checks" then they're predications and forecasts should have to remain through the period they are forecasting. That will show how completely clueless they really are.
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