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Or ill-u-min-i-ating Oh English. The most stolen Germanic language around!
People want more racial diversity with these iconsNOT these onesI'm surprised they added the middle finger emoji. That thing is going to get overused haha
All I want is a numpad keyboard I can call up at any time. Why CC/phone number/any all (mostly) numeric fields don't invoke a numpad keyboard all the time (or at least as an option) is beyond me.
This gives the rumors more credence and if this is apart of the iWatch to give it more visible space then Cue was right in his assertion of great products in the pipeline. It would make all other smart watches look like baby toys. I wonder if this tech also makes the screen more durable from shock/drops/etc. or is it just more durable at the fold point(s).
So he basically says it may do as well as the iPad as there is a potentially higher base of users but that it is the first ever worn device so it may have a potentially lower base of users. Great analysis.
Haha awesome.One of the many great things about Craig during the keynote was the call to the non-Dr. Blank-approved Dr. Dre with Craig being an admitted geek-type while still talking to this hip-hip exec without missing a beat (although I did see Craig slightly fumbling with what looked like a script for the call). It just put a big smile on my face that Apple looks to be in great hands.
Definitely the shortest DED article in a long time I wish I lived in Cali. I would have drove out to see this and meet Craig. He has definitely become the (developer) face of Apple.
This is definitely a long time coming. Finally a more extensible search right from the home screen.
Yeah, but no, at least to allowing network access to a third party keyboard. Only thing I can think of are for updates which should be handled just like app updates. The keyboard itself should never have to go to another server. I'd rather have that functionality local to the device and the device only.
He still looks like a movie villain. Was he prominent on the last earnings call? Oppenheimer had a Jobsian abrasive-ness with the investor media. What's Maestri's relationship with them?
New Posts  All Forums: