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Isn't the main difference with Spotify's ad-supported streaming tier and terrestrial radio that users of Spotify's can create their own playlist? Or listen to a particular album/artist on shuffle? So they can essentially listen to the songs they want, when they want, so long as they listen to a few ads here and there. Terrestrial radio is completely random.
Can't wait to get force touch on the phone. Rose gold color option does not sway me that much but I think it would appeal to the female side of their customers. Better internals with the camera and the processor is always standard but a two gig ram bump will be well received. I still want that 4 inch phone option. Maybe with the iPhone 7 then.
You are wrong. Sorry. Google takes 30% on subscriptions, too.https://developer.android.com/google/play/billing/billing_subscriptions.htmlSame thing with Amazon.https://developer.amazon.com/appsandservices/support/faqGoogle Play does the EXACT same thing that the App Store does. 30% for all app transactions (in-app purchases, downloads, and subscriptions) and no links can be within the app to external stores to make said app transactions. Amazon also charges 30%. Where is...
Just like playing in ebay's playground means you have to pay seller fees so to do you have to pay Apple for making your money making ability slick and intuitive. The 30% rule is not only for streaming music apps so they need to take this upset-ness somewhere else. Like to Google Play. Oh wait..they charge 30% too https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/112622?hl=en
Sounds like business to me.Apple: "Look if you go with our service we can offer you streaming service licensing fees AND guarantee you iTunes sales i.e. more profit than just ad-supported or even subscription services are currently providing."Those companies only offer streaming and cannot guarantee you sales even if they have 'Buy on iTunes/Google Play/Amazon Music' buttons readily available. We are directly linking customers to iTunes for sales with one touch of Touch...
Steve is smiling in his grave.I see what you did there.
Hopefully they allow third party faces soon. I want to simulate the movement of a watch I have that had three faces that rotate around one hand (instead of three hands that rotate around one face) It always trips people out but it's easy to read and I think looks pretty cool.
It by default syncs the Favorites folder. You have to sync a different folder (Recents or All Photos) to see other photos as Watch is not going to by default sync all your photos and max out space on the watch. I synced the Recently Added folder:Yep I don't get a notification. I have to swipe down and look at the Notification Center to see passbook which is different from iPhone. iPhone gives you a notification on the lock screen. On  Watch passbook's notification should...
I agree. Siri isn't working flawlessly just yet on the watch. Very good but not flawlessly. I think she will become easier to use and more intuitive later on. I want "Hey Siri" to work every time. I want her to prompt me to send messages instead of having to tap send. And I want to be able to make corrections to words she missed.All in all his is a great review. Very informative.I'm enjoying my watch every day. The haptic feedback for notifications is great. Things are...
Being an owner of said sapphire screen donning  watch I can personally attest that the screen resolution is beautiful.
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