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I didn't call it a minor upgrade or say it wouldn't need a redesign. You just read into that so you could make some snarky post. Like I said in my previous post NFC was added to the Apple Watch so it shouldn't require the phone get thicker. It proves they can add NFC in a small chassis. And at $149 on contract it wouldn't be a huge margin reducer because as you assume it wouldn't cannabalize sales of the 4.7" and up. It just gives more options. I got the 6 on launch day....
I would posit that the 4" phone wouldn't need to be thicker because it wouldn't need as big a battery. The screen wouldn't be as resolution-intensive as the current iPhone 6 and we all know the screen is one of the biggest draws of the battery.
Nice ads. Will get people applying thoughts on Watch to their lives and how it could be helpful. A lot of good use cases here.
None of this made sense. They sell more than a few million 4" phones already. They would never sell the 4" for more than the 4.7" unless the 4" had something the 4.7" didn't have. Most of the innards of a new 4" would be similar to the 4.7" just like the 6 and 6 Plus save for a few things the 6 Plus is able to fit over the 6. The only thing that need be different is the screen and casing size.All they would really need to do would be to add an NFC chip. They were able to...
Did the "first" person to get one drop it like with the iPhone 6 last year?
I remember that too. I think there was some typhoon or some type of bad weather in the "Far East" at the time so it was supposedly delayed for some cryptic weather-related status. I know I have the screenshot somewhere. It's funny to look back at now.
Is that..is it..no.........is Tim doing the octopus?!? haha
I just got the same thing this morning. I'm excited!Confirmation email received at 2:06 AM CST so there's hope for a lot of that ordered sooner than me I believe.
My  Watch with white sport band showed Preparing for Shipment up to last night. I got the confirmation email of the order at 2:06 AM CST. I figured I wouldn't get it by Friday since estimated delivery said 4/24-5/8. Then I got this notification this morning 😁
This is how I'd see it4" iPhone 5s - $0 on contract4.7" iPhone 6c - $99 on contract4" iPhone 6s - $149 on contract4.7" iPhone 6s - $200 on contract5.5" iPhone 6s Plus - $300 on contractNo worry about cannabalization. Every price point necessary has an iPhone in its spot. A new 4" would only be $50 cheaper than a new 4.7" so there's the upsell while keeping the 4" for those that want it (I'd switch from my 6 to it). Or they can wait next year to create the new 4" with a new...
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