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He just waits for stories like this so his posts are "acceptable" to the topic at hand. Those who think all Hip Hop is like that need to chill. The same could be said for Rock when you only look at the extreme examples.My feel is, if these rumors are true, that Jobs will be praised if this turns out to be a big boon for Apple, that Steve had it in the offing all along. But if it fails it will then only be laid at Cook's feet.
Figured this video would get some interesting comments. Seems AI wants to promote this video as reason why AAPL should not buy Beats. This is not the best video to post to show what the brand is about. Personally, I don't think Cook should make this deal as I don't see the value for the company. AAPL can negotiate its own contracts for music streaming whenever they want they just want to bring in the music purchasing revenue as much as possible. Besides headphone tech I...
The reason they are bringing releases to the September/October timeframe is obviously for Christmas but also because it locks other companies from releasing competing product in the Christmas season as they don't want to be overshadowed by Apple. If forces the others to release during off peak seasons as Samsung does with the Galaxy S.
I'm hoping this is what this 5.5" rumor turns out to be just so they don't call it an iPhone Or just iPad nano. A 4.7" I think I can live with but I sincerely hope there is a new 4" option and not just last year's 5s/5c. I want a new model 4" phone. Everyone else can have the 4.7"/5.5".
Ohhhh it's getting exciting. Let the speculation continue!
That looks like a Galaxy S.
Why is this ridiculous? I can't count the number of coworkers that have told me that all their kids have their own iPad. A number of them have said their kids having the iPad mini actually works better for them as well. It is a mobile/personal device.I don't see the need for user profiles. These things are made for a single iTunes account to make iTunes/App Store purchases/downloads. So if you have different user profiles do they share the same iTunes account? That goes...
We can only hope!This was the first thing I thought of too when they put that headline with that image haha
I hope that poster in the other thread that was losing his mind about Angela not starting sooner has his concerns eased.
The absurdity of that Rufus cuff is that you can get any number of arm bands that hold your phone and then you have this "cuff." I have a Nike arm band for my phone for when I run in the mornings and it is exactly what that is. But better because you don't have to spend an extra $230.
New Posts  All Forums: