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With this quote you have won the internet!Everyone else..thanks for playing.
I fixed it. Silly Siri.
Yes I hope Dr. Blank ceases to become an Apple fan now. That's the only reason I wanted this to happen.
Damnit..I wanted them to hit them hard. I truly think they waited too long to go after them. You have to be able to protect your IP. I guess this doesn't mean that lawsuits can't be brought up in the future. But damnit if Google isn't still a thief to end all thieves.
I have no idea what American Idol has to do with this. I've never watched it.All producers work in a subset of the industry. They work where they want to focus.You don't like rap. We get it. Cool. I hope typing out these essays was a good use of your valuable time.Now I will leave this thread as it finally got to the point where you and another are calling all rappers the n word. Thanks AI.
Validate what BS? I helped dumb down society? Grammy awards don't matter? I guess you were one of the ones to send Steve Jobs an angry email for adding the hip hop category to iTunes hahaYou need to calm down a little bit man. I don't really care if you don't think rap is real music. I didn't list any exceptions. I simply stated that all hip hop is not the same. Just because all you "know" is gangsta rap doesn't mean that's what all hip hop is. Your constant diatribes...
You are waaaaay more fired up than anyone else here. Dr. Dre has a producer of the year Grammy. He has been involved in the music industry as a producer for a long time.Others answered the question. Hip Hop is not all about money and hoes just like Rock is not all about drugs and Country is not all about Tractors. Yes rappers have songs about money and hoes because sadly that's the culture they came from or are accustomed to but not all hip hop artists are like that.All...
He just waits for stories like this so his posts are "acceptable" to the topic at hand. Those who think all Hip Hop is like that need to chill. The same could be said for Rock when you only look at the extreme examples.My feel is, if these rumors are true, that Jobs will be praised if this turns out to be a big boon for Apple, that Steve had it in the offing all along. But if it fails it will then only be laid at Cook's feet.
Figured this video would get some interesting comments. Seems AI wants to promote this video as reason why AAPL should not buy Beats. This is not the best video to post to show what the brand is about. Personally, I don't think Cook should make this deal as I don't see the value for the company. AAPL can negotiate its own contracts for music streaming whenever they want they just want to bring in the music purchasing revenue as much as possible. Besides headphone tech I...
The reason they are bringing releases to the September/October timeframe is obviously for Christmas but also because it locks other companies from releasing competing product in the Christmas season as they don't want to be overshadowed by Apple. If forces the others to release during off peak seasons as Samsung does with the Galaxy S.
New Posts  All Forums: