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Can't wait to get that gold one! When I sell a limb or two (not the arm though) If they do announce some sort of maintenance schedule to upgrade the watch then I would seriously consider the gold. It'll be like nothing else. The only problem I see is if the internal CoC is being replaced there won't be as much hype around the "new version of the  Watch" as there is with all the other products. "New  Watch internals just annouced. Be prepared to wait in line...
Had to try twice with one of my cards.Here's to hoping all  Pay full receipts are stored somewhere either now or in the near future.
Don't see that in the main section or the i- information section.Hopefully this is a stepping stone to having every receipt stored digitally. Easier and true sales tax deductions await.
For those wondering. Cards in passbook and passbook shows recent purchases. I purchased a lightning cable (can't have enough of those) to test it out. FYI - capital one makes you download a different app to confirm adding your card to  Pay.
Preparing update. Hopefully this goes well. I wonder if places like Walgreens/McDonald's have every store prepared to accept already.
Until live sports streaming is not tied to a cable plan I'm still stuck. That's what is holding me back from cutting.Yeah can't help but wonder if this is a precursor to Apple's announcement tomorrow or just HBO getting ahead of the game.For sure. Just like AT&T/Verizon with cell phone plans the cable companies (of which said companies are also apart of) are not going to let us win out with any a la carte programming. Not unless there's enough blowback or concessions by...
Been waiting for Google news app for like 4 years. Damn if they don't take long to do certain things. Edit: did not know they bundled weather with it *head scratching commenced*
Been too long? Gene just crapped his pants.Same. At least once a day it happens hahaMac Pro Mini
😂😂😂😂We may have a winner for best bendable phone related joke!
Easy..it happened when the masses got access to the Internet.
New Posts  All Forums: