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Cook would have to be there wouldn't he? If it's that big of a deal. Flights to Beijing from San Fran would take at least 12 hours. Unless he's borrowing one of Ellison's jets and leaving the US event early (former not likely, latter more likely than the former) he's not going to be there in person in China. Maybe he's going to do the China event via FaceTime
Turn on Airplane Mode (wifi gets turned off). Go to settings and turn on wifi manually.
I'm just as impressed the Ziploc bag didn't tear open.
So they couldn't get iOS 7 to work with the chip which slowed down production? That makes no sense whatsoever. To me that would require software work not a potential hardware replacement.
Very interesting...do we need more evidence. Is this explicit enough to discount the scanner in the screen?
Got the email earlier. I see the apps available. Pretty cool. Never put a Keynote together (don't have a mac) so that was new.
Something a two year old can easily pick up and understand is definitely a failure in UI design¡
No that doesn't look like an iPhone 5 at all..nope those volume rocker and power buttons aren't in the same place or anything 
Trademark that term and make a twitter account before anyone else does!EDIT - Nevermind there's already a twitter account for it that hasn't posted in three and half years. Shucks.
I chuckled.   I want one of those but a base station seems like more work than it's worth. Charging through the base for 45 day battery life is good but having to use the base to change the time is not as clean as say having an app on your phone that can change it through bluetooth (although, admittedly, I don't know how bluetooth would alter the asthetic) or having the screen be a touch screen (don't know if e-ink allows for touch or to keep the thinness). I'd also like...
New Posts  All Forums: