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Was in the Apple iPhone and iPad app and the website on my laptop. Took about 20 min for either of the apps get past the "We'll be back" page. That page is like the signs shops leave up that say "Back at 1:00" and they don't get back until 3:00. VERY frustrating. The site never got past that page and I was up until about 4 AM CDT. When I finally got into the apps I got my phone pretty easily. iPhone 6 - 64 GB - AT&T - receive Sept. 19th. Then I tried to get my brother's...
So you want him to keep writing?
6 64 GB for me, 6 16 GB for my sis, 6 16 GB for my bro.
Gold MacBook Pro?
I have AT&T. I have not been informed that my unlimited data contract will change so I'm not expecting anything different. I actually (for some reason) use a lot of data a month. More than I ever thought I was using. I'm probably averaging about six gigs a month.
No quandary for me. iPhone 6., since there's no 4" 6 😓 The 6+ is ridiculously large.
So you're saying Apple's selling of a higher priced model will bring ASP higher? Great analysis Gene¡
2 AM CDT I will be on my couch doing me some pre-ordering! Wish there was a iPhone 6 4" I really do. I don't want to use my upgrade just for the 5s and then wait two years to get upgrade pricing again (grandfathered unlimited plan).
Gonna need this space for that 64 GB iPhone 6, eventual 64 GB iPad mini, and eventual Apple Watch backups.
Does your chipped card seamlessly integrate into apps to pay for items? Because that's also an extension of Apple Pay. I'm guessing that functionality will be enabled through Safari at some point too. That's what else you are getting.
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