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5 minutes? This might be the longest Apple article I've ever seen where the topic is not that directly linked to Apple.
Checking your phone is a general no-no in business world meetings or meetings in general. Checking it constantly at social gatherings has also become a faux pas. But actually, constantly checking your watch would be a distraction as well, though less of one.   I've been wearing watches since high school. Some people wear certain belts for fashion. Others wear necklaces/earrings and jewelry in general. A watch is more akin to the jewelry world than the technology...
This bears repeating. The iPad maxi to iPad mini strategy is wholly different. The iPad mini is cheaper for the cheaper components, yes, but margins do not suffer greatly. AAPL is not afraid of people buying the mini in lieu of the maxi. Camera and processor are good enough. Exact same OS. Screen is good enough.   Also, the iPod strategy is different as well. All the iPods have different OSs and user experiences. The Touch has (essentially) standard iOS. The Nano has a...
  Is that Peggy Hill with her hair down?
I understand stopping rumors in their tracks but this consistent rumor dispelling opens Pandora's box (pun intended) that if there happens to be a rumor that doesn't get shot down by Apple it will be regarded as fact by 'anal'-ysts and expected as a done deal by "investors."
Bolded part isn't happening unless LTE access becomes unimaginably cheaper. Yes wifi works but this is inherently a mobile device and people want their data on the go and don't want to kill their data plans for it. iCloud is not meant to be a replacement for storage from Apple's side (would have to start charging high service fees on more storage per user) or from the consumer's side (previously stated data plan limits). It is to work in conjunction. People need to come...
But as I stated they aren't currently selling a non-retina phone. That ship has sailed. Why would they spin those lines up again for non-retina 3.5" screens?   With the mini it works as they currently sell the iPad 2 with a non-retina screen so all apps work without problems and look made for the device. Most if not all iPhone apps are retina-only. Those developers would have to all of a sudden recode for non-retina after they've moved to retina. I don't see that happening.
Wow that came out of nowhere. That article Sunday about the 128 GB capacity showing up in 6.1 was surprising and for them to release it so soon after a rumor pops up was even more surprising. That must be that doubled down secrecy.
As someone who owns a mini (and a maxi) it IS the full size iPad experience. I use the mini more at home than I did the full size. And it's easier to take on the go. I think it was the Samsung trial where on record Schiller (or somebody) said Steve warmed up to the "7 in." market.Regarding this rumor I still don't see a way that the cheaper iPhone can be cheap enough to affect the unsubsidized market positively for Apple while not cannabalizing the flagship. They would...
Amazon lists the unlocked SIII at $899 (???) which seems pretty high. Didn't find unlocked prices on Samsung's site.       Amazon also lists the iPhone 5 at $749 unlocked when it's $649 from Apple's site so I'm not exactly sure. But yeah it belabors the point that Samsung and those guys don't want an end to subsidies, either.
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