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Is that..is it..no.........is Tim doing the octopus?!? haha
I just got the same thing this morning. I'm excited!Confirmation email received at 2:06 AM CST so there's hope for a lot of that ordered sooner than me I believe.
My  Watch with white sport band showed Preparing for Shipment up to last night. I got the confirmation email of the order at 2:06 AM CST. I figured I wouldn't get it by Friday since estimated delivery said 4/24-5/8. Then I got this notification this morning 😁
This is how I'd see it4" iPhone 5s - $0 on contract4.7" iPhone 6c - $99 on contract4" iPhone 6s - $149 on contract4.7" iPhone 6s - $200 on contract5.5" iPhone 6s Plus - $300 on contractNo worry about cannabalization. Every price point necessary has an iPhone in its spot. A new 4" would only be $50 cheaper than a new 4.7" so there's the upsell while keeping the 4" for those that want it (I'd switch from my 6 to it). Or they can wait next year to create the new 4" with a new...
I really really want a new 4" model but I guess I'm in the minority. I like the 6 but it's still more cumbersome than the 5 series was. Maybe if they make the 6s sides less slippery it'll be better to wield. I'm one of those that doesn't use a case. Haven't since the 3G.
Man people are getting so bent out of shape about this it's hilarious. It's not like Apple is giving these celebs/fames a Ferrari while most can only afford a Ford Focus. Those cars have different practicalities and do completely different things. They're giving a watch that most in the middle class could buy. They're giving them the same exact watch that you or I can buy just with different materials. Beyoncé's/Karl's/Anna Wintour's watches will do the EXACT thing your...
Preparinf to ship. Still got the delivers 4/24-5/8 timeframe. Hoping I get it Friday!
There was some, uh, rumor article a couple of weeks back that I commented was complete crap. My comment was thoroughly deleted. I was actually surprised. I'm not anymore.
You guessed wrong.Of course it's not heavy or bulky but it would be compared to a fitness band when you're sleeping.
Just like cars come with a stock set of wheels and you can either order a car with a different set of wheels that you want or order different wheels after the fact so will the  Watch come with stock bands and you can either order the watch with a specific band or order a different band after the fact.
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