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Show me a major wristwatch manufacturer that sells a watch without a band. They aren't selling pocket watches.
Patiently waited for the forums to finally be updated with native resolution. I resorted to using the website about a week ago. Thanks for getting this in.
I get the need of these for sleep tracking as no one is wearing a smartwatch to sleep. Currently any real viable smartwatch will be too sharp or bulky or heavy to wear while sleeping, especially if you sleep with a partner. No partner is going to like being accidentally hit by a smartwatch in bed. These fitness bands are more pliable, lighter, and not as rough around the edges to make it reasonable to sleep with. But there are watches that will do every thing else these...
OS X Detox Bringing the Beats purchase full circle. Seriously though some of these names have no chance. Hollywood? No. Cupertino? They're not that self-centered (right?!). I think if they named it after a beach they'd leave the word 'beach' out of the name (such as OS X Laguna). I kind of like OS X Napa.
Gene sure does like to poll the teens.Exactly. 18-24 is the young adult realm. I'm guessing he wasn't polling that group.Teenage design tastes are fickle just as the moving from dance to dance or more fittingly hashtag to hashtag. I don't think Apple is looking to that demographic at all. It's pretty evident when every  Watch is more expensive than the iPod Touch.
I will preorder sight unseen myself but I think it'll be a huge turn off if people come to the store and try it on and then the employee says okay well thanks for coming now go on your lonesome on your iPhone or iPad or go home to your computer or go to one of these Macs in the Apple Store and login to our online store and order from there.I just hope that the employee working with the person to demo the  Watch will walk them through the order process in the store if the...
No. My thought is the mini shouldn't be thicker than the air.
You could just send it as an audio message.Although I don't know if it'll be as readily available for recipients without iMessage or with it turned off. I do know sending an audio message to iMessagers takes two taps in messages whereas to send to a non-iMessager requires opening voice memos, saving a recording, then sending the recording as a message. Maybe 8.3 makes it easier.I have found that Siri gets better over time understanding what you 'meant' to say.
Is it going to get thinner? I believe the iPad Air 2 is thinner than the mini which is just strange.
Can we get this for phone calls??
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