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Amazon lists the unlocked SIII at $899 (???) which seems pretty high. Didn't find unlocked prices on Samsung's site.       Amazon also lists the iPhone 5 at $749 unlocked when it's $649 from Apple's site so I'm not exactly sure. But yeah it belabors the point that Samsung and those guys don't want an end to subsidies, either.
10 internetz!
Yeah anyone care to explain? Maybe there was a change to the patent..?
I don't get the talk about the end of subsidies in the US affecting only AAPL. On AT&T the Galaxy SIII is $549.00 off contract ($599 on Verizon). The Galaxy Note II is $649.00 ($699 on Verizon). The SII is $399.00 and The Note I is $599. Sure Samsung sells 9 other smartphones on AT&T off contract but those four would give them their biggest margin. Those four would be their best phones and presumably get the most recent Android updates at a faster clip.   Now when we...
iPad Mini and new iMac. More retina MacBooks. New form factor of iPhone/iPod Touch. New iPod Nano.   And lightning connectors¡
I just just asking a more complete question that I believed the other person was alluding to. Rogifan was seeking an answer that you replied to and didn't give. I didn't know that early release of information last quarter was different than Google's official release.   EDIT: Looking it up GOOG's share trades were halted when they had dropped 10%. Apple is hovering around that right now. Just a coincidence.
They halted Google's last quarter didn't they? That was a different situation with the early numbers release but I still don't know why they halted GOOG's then.
Dood they are already down near 10%. This is unbelievable. There's 2.5 more hours to go in after.
Tim is about to answer to the rumors on order cuts 
While the call is going the after hours keeps decreasing. Pretty depressing.   Pete is saying that they're providing more transparency to their guidance.   What's most surprising is that I hear paper rustling as if he's turning a page while reading off the script. I'd think they'd be using iPads for their scripts.
New Posts  All Forums: