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This is definitely a long time coming. Finally a more extensible search right from the home screen.
Yeah, but no, at least to allowing network access to a third party keyboard. Only thing I can think of are for updates which should be handled just like app updates. The keyboard itself should never have to go to another server. I'd rather have that functionality local to the device and the device only.
He still looks like a movie villain. Was he prominent on the last earnings call? Oppenheimer had a Jobsian abrasive-ness with the investor media. What's Maestri's relationship with them?
See this is one thing I don't get..if these analyst make their projections why are they just allowed to revise them when they become underwater? I'm no investor by any means (I'm a tiny investor compared to almost anyone else) but shouldn't they be restricted in some fashion from providing further guidance when they were found to be blatantly wrong? Of course people don't have to listen to them but they're "ratings" become nationally broadcast news that does affect how...
I don't like Federighi being bumped like that. Iovine is not a coder/software guy. The more face time Craig gets for Apple the better.
With this quote you have won the internet!Everyone else..thanks for playing.
I fixed it. Silly Siri.
Yes I hope Dr. Blank ceases to become an Apple fan now. That's the only reason I wanted this to happen.
Damnit..I wanted them to hit them hard. I truly think they waited too long to go after them. You have to be able to protect your IP. I guess this doesn't mean that lawsuits can't be brought up in the future. But damnit if Google isn't still a thief to end all thieves.
I have no idea what American Idol has to do with this. I've never watched it.All producers work in a subset of the industry. They work where they want to focus.You don't like rap. We get it. Cool. I hope typing out these essays was a good use of your valuable time.Now I will leave this thread as it finally got to the point where you and another are calling all rappers the n word. Thanks AI.
New Posts  All Forums: