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The gold watch with the black band looks exquisite.
Typically the iPhones/iPads come out 1 or 2 weeks after the announcement? Can we extrapolate what this date means for the  Watch release timeline?
Tim Cook's reaction
Yes. This.This statement makes no sense. I'd like to unlock the Mac with Touch ID. I'd like to download from the Mac App Store/iTunes with Touch ID. I'd like to make secure payments with Touch ID.
This.As I've said before what's the point of an analysts forecasts if they get to change it whenever they want? If they're so good at predicting what's to come based on their "checks" then they're predications and forecasts should have to remain through the period they are forecasting. That will show how completely clueless they really are.
Unbelievable. Shattering expectations is Tim's calling card now.Up 5% in after hours. They do their release after close.
It's because Samesung has a history of aping. Apple has a history of innovating.
There are only three assurances in life. 1. Death 2. Taxes 3. Ads
So an OS can add new features but they can't take up more space¡¿¡ What a world we live in smh
Can't wait to get that gold one! When I sell a limb or two (not the arm though) If they do announce some sort of maintenance schedule to upgrade the watch then I would seriously consider the gold. It'll be like nothing else. The only problem I see is if the internal CoC is being replaced there won't be as much hype around the "new version of the  Watch" as there is with all the other products. "New  Watch internals just annouced. Be prepared to wait in line...
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