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No problem. Glad I and @chadbag could help.I guess it works out in the end, then, but I still have my doubts. I'm sure it'll become the new normal plan in a couple of years.
I'd rather hug the wall than use a Samesung product.
Expected. You could see the demand last night. I had random people on my team and in the office that are not tech savvy saying that they pre-ordered last night as well. Most of them did not even know everything that the new iPhones were getting. That tells you that Apple's launches alone get people excited. That tells you how Apple's name has cachet.
That's alright. They'll just making iPad larger.
That may all be true but the fact that you get to keep your phone at the end of the 24 month term is a big determining factor. I'm getting an iPhone 6 but I don't have to give up my iPhone 5 (in good to great working condition, I might add). I could sell to gazelle for $300 some dollars or sell it on eBay or sell it on craigslist. So that's up front net benefit. If a person doesn't plan to upgrade the device every year I don't see why one wouldn't save up (because you know...
Exactly! So many people were giving up because it was getting too hard to get anything preordered or get the actual device that you wanted. I guess you take the good with the bad. It breaks records like every year.
You can pay ~$27 a month for 12 months ($324) and upgrade to the eventual 6s/6s+ at the end of that 12 month term (they have 18 month terms too) while turning in the 6 or you can pay the $199 up front and wait two years to be able to again upgrade at the $199 subsidized price at the end of that 24 month term (if subsidies are even around at that point anymore) while getting to keep your 6 and resell/gift. I believe your bills net out to be about the same a month.So with...
I like how you're thinking. This makes much business sense. They're already selling iPads as terminals with card reading cases or card reading dongles like Square. If the new iPads have NFC as well then they can have the iPhone and iPad communicate DIRECTLY without stores having to buy third party POS hardware. It'd make it easy for retailers to buy iPads as most are already familiar with the technology. I wonder if Apple has any patents for or apps built for this iPhone...
Was in the Apple iPhone and iPad app and the website on my laptop. Took about 20 min for either of the apps get past the "We'll be back" page. That page is like the signs shops leave up that say "Back at 1:00" and they don't get back until 3:00. VERY frustrating. The site never got past that page and I was up until about 4 AM CDT. When I finally got into the apps I got my phone pretty easily. iPhone 6 - 64 GB - AT&T - receive Sept. 19th. Then I tried to get my brother's...
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