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Looks like if the camera is going to stick out it'll be chamfered to not catch on anything but I still don't like the fact that it sticks out. Not like that's going to stop me from buying the thing. Still holding out for an A8-infused 4" iPhone 6.
I said anywhere BUT the Far East i.e. Asia. As in I did think beyond my back door of the US. Did you not see that in my post?And I live in the one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. Far from Nowhere.
Deleting from Photo Stream won't remove it from the device that took the photo, thereby, it would still be in any iPhone backups. That's a separate action.Deleting a photo from 'Moments' on the device that took/saved the photo also deletes it from Photo Stream on all devices.It's definitely a nuance that I'm sure many people don't know. Why the same action doesn't happen from the camera roll, or why you aren't at least prompted to also delete from Photo Stream when...
Wouldn't pass regulatory approval most likely. Just as if Apple were to try to buy Time Warner or any other big company outside their native industry. Anything that can help Apple and hurt other companies will be seen as dangerous to the economic market. People would be so up in arms and analysts would not be able to validate AAPL's egregiously low P/E (Amazon's is over 800!). Then Samdung would try to buy UPS so the color of their trucks remind people of the same crap...
Slurpy's responses have been applause worthy. Two more days and these fakes can truly be debunked. But damn it all if people are getting this good at creating these fake devices and videos.
The 4.7" is big enough. That supposed 5.5" is going to be a low seller in anywhere but the "Far East" as AI likes to put it. I'm thinking at the most 5-7% of iPhone 6 sales. Unless there is some compelling reason to it's size that Apple is holding close to the vest but that compelling size difference does not exist in the iPad line. I don't see this 5.5" iPhone 6 Pro (as has been rumored) gaining much traction.
That phone looks huge in the hand. Man I'm ordering the 4.7" if there's no iPhone 6 4" option but damnit I don't know how I'll like using a larger iPhone. But I'll get over it I'm sure.
Pressurized position indeed. I kind of wish we were not hearing about their process though because it just gives other companies something to emulate.
Yes! I should have used the 😅 emoji. Totally glossed over that one. Sorry forum-goers.
This is what I like about Cook. He's not afraid to say when they may have messed up (not necessarily saying that happened here) or where they can do better. Similar to what happened with Maps.
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