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Begins looking for field-related jobs at AAPL...
I was still hoping for Touch ID. I want to make Mac App Store purchases and in app purchases with Touch ID. I do like that they finally got gold in the Mac line.
Will it be thinner to match the iPad Air 2? I think that would go a long way as an update as well.
This is a big f'n deal. I wonder if this will lessen the need for analysts to try and denigrate the stock now that big swings on Apple will have an effect on the Dow as a whole.
Well I made a comment about their price being close to Apple's not about the other end of the spectrum. Being close to Apple in price puts them in a tough spot. This is Apple we're talking about. You have a kickstarter company trying to compete in a certain price range. I understand Samsung/Google giving them a challenge at the high end price points but not Pebble. Maybe their time will come but definitely not at this point. Seeing an Apple product and a Pebble product...
Before it's even released. The hype builds!
They're encroaching on  Watch pricing territory which does not bode well for them, even with the Edition-looking version.
The gold watch with the black band looks exquisite.
Typically the iPhones/iPads come out 1 or 2 weeks after the announcement? Can we extrapolate what this date means for the  Watch release timeline?
Tim Cook's reaction
New Posts  All Forums: