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I have big hands too I just like the look and feel of the iPhone 5. I'll have to try out the 4.7" if it comes to pass. But I feel I'll need to use two hands more.
I don't know man. For me I get frustrated when I can't use my iPhone 5 with one hand. Usually that's when waking up or going to sleep. But I like the sleekness of this size device. I just can't see myself wanting something that's as big as even 4.7 inches let alone 5.5 inches. I'm definitely not getting the 5.5 inch one if one comes out but the 4.7 inch one if that's the only new one available in a moderately small size then I'll probably get that one.
Yeah 4,2 and 4,3 I think were the unknown ones.
Yes! I like using them and some black-looking emojis that don't have a turban 👳 would be awesome.
IKEA does this exact thing very well. My girl sent me a list of items she needed. I searched for where those items were at my local store, specifically. I was in and out in 10 minutes. And their uniqueness in items is pretty grand.
That's what I've thought too. As previous posters mentioned the inability to search on the different fields (age restriction/category/subcategory) makes no sense. The lack of a more refined tagging system makes no sense. So many things about the App Store make no sense at all.The other thing I LOATHE is not having an option for list view and then being able to get back to your last place after looking through your search options. It's why I never go to the App Store. It...
Sounds like someone's trying to halt the nosedive in their Netflix holdings. The difference here with Apple compared to TiVo is the ubiquitousness of Apple users. If this were to expand to iPads/iPhones the potential Comcast user base would grow as Apple users look for the Comcast cable-Apple TV tie-in and it could stave off the competition of the satellite companies. TiVo doesn't provide that.
You keep telling yourself that so you can sleep at night.
I have no aggression. I'm pontificating about what the headlines will be if this were to happen.
New article titles for the analysts: "Apple Doesn't Care About Net Neutrality" "Apple Believes Their Data is Better Than Everyone Else's"
New Posts  All Forums: