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Samsung and Google and learning the hard way.
these companies receive income from everyone but apple...so there is your answer.
at what level will the govt. stop samsung....there must be a limit to ripping people off....
so samsung won...even though they lost...
Looks like apple is on a good run.
no point making a blank form..hehe
no point making a blank form..hehe
they would also have to a agree not to rip off apple designs and future innovation ..and they said they would not agree to that..it says it all.   throw the book at them...even 2 billion wont dent them.
there valid patents right now...samsung's case is there not of much value and apple is not telling u the right price...plus there are all the other patents there using and the design that is a total rip but you can't do anything about this in this case.   If samsung was not a huge company would this not have been stopped a long time ago...sony paid the price of samsung bad biz ethics now we are asked to let them try and kill apple...apple's way out is to innovate...
if you see stealing as competition then fair enough...did u say fair competition ?
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