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If long term the watch replaces the phone then it could work...not sure if that could or makes sense...its all very star trek.
HAHA INDEED.   More important will it be a great long term device...
i think apple will sell less then a billion watches and so that's a failure...i have no data to support this claim...hehe
if apple makes self driving cars and electric...it could take the company to beyond in share price ..we have no idea how far down the line they are in perfecting a self driving car.....i love tesla but i do expect apple with its monies and resource should be able to match or beat them in the long run...the gas cars will fall over for sure..the business model alone makes no sense.
i have no idea if the watch will work ,but all the info from people signing up for medical research could in fact be amazing...   at min this could be the first stage's of a watch that is more then that - in the same way the iphone was just not a phone.   If it can evolve into a device in later versions that changes the medical industry and helps us that would be pretty amazing ..the idea that your doctor can see your health without you coming into the office sounds...
watch this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKH0Ipcc87E   HAHA
I have no idea if apple will effect the old watch business ,but my point was if that your reply to making a smart watch then forget about it..   the luxury watch market is def based on fashion and what is seen as a valued investment...and it's possible that apple will muscle in on that market...we will see.   I think we have to look at what apple offers in a watch and if other don't offer it - will consumers of watches feel like the old watches without features like...
if thats the response to a apple watch...throw the towel in now...
Because it's not true...corp don't pay taxes now and they don't pay people more to work for them or drop the prices of there services/products...the idea that corporations and shareholders of those corp pay no taxes and poor people then pay for the infrastructure in society to help these corporations is obsurd.
the problem is they know who got them elected its the corp monies...90 percent of elections are one by people with more monies...remove the monies and then people will have a loud voice and not corporations.
New Posts  All Forums: