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going to see this movie would be like dissing steve jobs..no thanks.
Classy....rolling out bunch of millionaire musicians on a stage ...and then asking for twice the price..   TC
and these are the people looking after our interests....they act like the enemy of the people...totally lawless.
Why should artists have to pay for apple's promo's ....the reason because apple hired and took the music industry approach to music and not artists.   Taylor Swift was 100 Percent right...Artists first.   The music industry is famous for screwing artists over and apple hired and purchased a music industry insider and so did not take the approach of what good for artists...hence why there on the wrong track.
Have you thought that apple tv could be just content and not a tv set ?
or now samsung is shipping closer to what they sell...
So people joined up for the EEC which was more about trade deals and it turns into the EU which is more about Federal and Laws....i wonder how many members people want to stay in...clearly in ireland they want out.
Ok so i make you right on those 2 countries...so am i right not all members state gave there people the right to vote to join ...? also whats the difference between the EU and EEC ? and i don't mean the name ...why the change in name ? 
So when did the irish people agree to be in the EU ?  - sure they do election's, but thats not the same as people agreeing to be apart of it ...in any elections voted by the people... out of all the nations show me the ones that agreed ahead of time to be members via elections by there people and not some crooked members of political parties
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