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Because it's not true...corp don't pay taxes now and they don't pay people more to work for them or drop the prices of there services/products...the idea that corporations and shareholders of those corp pay no taxes and poor people then pay for the infrastructure in society to help these corporations is obsurd.
the problem is they know who got them elected its the corp monies...90 percent of elections are one by people with more monies...remove the monies and then people will have a loud voice and not corporations.
Who paid for the roads,staff and education and ability for the u.s corporation's to do business here and overseas....tax payers...why should someone who works for a living making min monies pay more taxes then a billion dollar corporation ...
Honestly if you think the reason people are poor is because there lazy its because of 2 reasons ..1. you don't understand business and capitalism and should not talk about it and spread lies.2. or your so f+cking lazy and/or you get your news from Faux News...and hence your a moron. you only have to look at how in the state of nevada alone...since 2008 that the top 1 percent earned 51 percent more and the bottom 99 percent dropped 17 percent...it had nothing to do with how...
Agreed...and no corp sponsors..EVER.
So whats the solution ?
Exactly as long as all companies are charged without the ability to wiggle out of it...esp company that are war profit companies.
I think others like Samsung and Google(android) have been the one's breaking the law ,but when a company like apple with all there market influence and power can't stop them in a court of law then no one can.
apple don't need to bully they have demand and innovation on there side..
they sell ad space ''corrected''
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