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apple wont get paid if they sue google for android....as they give it away for free...or thats what i hear.
the whole point is that branded companies get to protect there patents.
thats' the problem samsung never thought apple product were patentable and so they innocently ripped them off.
it may start as a toy, but it will be becoming a big part of recording long term...when there is more power and if there is a large ipad pro..well who knows..
R.I.P Steve Jobs.
Google is a innovating Co. but it also has no problem ripping off apple...but to say it invented internet search is just not true...next your be saying they invented the internet.
Tesla could become a huge Co. without Apple. Esp if he sells batteries to every car manfacturer and controls the charging stations.
Apple wants a anti-cloning clause and Samsung refuses...Cloning is samsungs cash cow.
i would to like see apple buy back in there own timetable and there be no room for short term investors like Icahn,He's doing what's good for he's business and apple needs to do what's good for apple.
Great Idea...though the lock does not look like its that strong..maybe i'm wrong we see..   def would buy if i felt like it was a strong security lock and system.
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