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I'd resubscribe. I stopped because of the ads.
Why? AOL already killed two of the best sites, Tuaw and Joystiq. What's left? I'd be curious what is worth 4.4 billion.
I didn't expect this personally. I wonder if it can be said across all the devices made or if it was a fluke for their device.
Got in myself. 04, 05, 08, 09, 12, 15. Lottery ws starting to annoy me.
How big of files are we talking about?
It's a valid argument. There are promotions to give phones away.
I think they are apples and oranges. TV means buying and watching iTunes content. Apple branded television means making money on hardware. 
That's because they THINK they want what the manufacturer builds. I haven't seen it done well to this day. Not knowing that for a fraction of the price that the manufacturer charges, they could get something way better. I'd much rather have an aftermarket system anyways. Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer all have CarPlay head units, I have a 4000 NEX in my Toyota Tacoma now, and am fairly happy with it. Did the same thing to my Mitsubishi Evolution MR as well. Not once have I been...
Confused what the difference between this and the original testflight groups are?
 If there is one thing I've learned in the 13 years of writing Apple software, is to follow Apple's conventions or it most likely will burn you later on. Apple clearly prefers the NSError design pattern (and even has ARC optimizations surrounding it). They clearly call out that the Cocoa frameworks respond ill towards exceptions being thrown, exceptions that are uncaught will take down a program (it can be easy to miss if they are abused), and there are memory issues with...
New Posts  All Forums: