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This is great news. Literally just switch from T-Mobile to Verizon last week. This was the feature I was going to miss the most.
I'd resubscribe. I stopped because of the ads.
Why? AOL already killed two of the best sites, Tuaw and Joystiq. What's left? I'd be curious what is worth 4.4 billion.
I didn't expect this personally. I wonder if it can be said across all the devices made or if it was a fluke for their device.
Got in myself. 04, 05, 08, 09, 12, 15. Lottery ws starting to annoy me.
How big of files are we talking about?
It's a valid argument. There are promotions to give phones away.
I think they are apples and oranges. TV means buying and watching iTunes content. Apple branded television means making money on hardware. 
That's because they THINK they want what the manufacturer builds. I haven't seen it done well to this day. Not knowing that for a fraction of the price that the manufacturer charges, they could get something way better. I'd much rather have an aftermarket system anyways. Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer all have CarPlay head units, I have a 4000 NEX in my Toyota Tacoma now, and am fairly happy with it. Did the same thing to my Mitsubishi Evolution MR as well. Not once have I been...
Confused what the difference between this and the original testflight groups are?
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