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Just an update...   So yes, on the 4000NEX, you must use the first port. Everything works as intended and switching between the main deck and CarPlay is super easy. Tested texting while driving, fairly decent, but sucks they don't show attachments such as pics on the screen. Guess it is supposed to be eyes free after all. Listening to music while having maps up works great. Maps seem to be slightly clunky, but I'm ok with that. Great to have a $600 deck with full up to...
Updated the firmware on my AVIC 4000NEX, shows car play options in the system, but can't figure out how to get it to come up. I connected my phone via lightning to the back. The only thing I can think of, is that it is connected in port #2, perhaps it only works with port #1.    For anyone wondering and didn't read the documentation because of a slow site, the 4000NEX firmware is the same as the 5000NEX firmware. When you download the 4000NEX firmware, it will expand in...
Then sell your stock and be gone. These are extremely minor missteps. There isn't anything here that concerns me as a stock holder. What would have concerned me is actual problems that could only be fixed at a store or by replacement.  The feed is a joke to bring up. They haven't had a problem in all the years I've watched them (since the mid 90s when they first started appearing). They got hit by a very large unexpected number because of the rumored "iWatch". If anything,...
Best comment all day. Serious, finally some Mac news.
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So apple is going to review EVERY single beta through TestFlight? This is going to make the number of reviews go up exponentially.
I'm happy about the CloudKit additions. Been working in that space on the side for a few years. It was definitely much more stable than earlier versions. CloudKit definitely simplifies everything though. What I'm still not clear on, is if someone on 10.8 can use CloudKit enabled apps -- are they saying you can only develop for them on 10.10 or the end user must be on 10.10? I'm thinking the later. Still have users on 10.7. Don't really want to cut them off to have iCloud...
While my initial reaction is to agree with you, I'm at least going to wait for Photos to come out before I judge. It will be free, which is cheaper than Aperture. Has a lot of the Aperture team. I'll reserve judgement for a bit longer. 
actually the better one to use would have been the Intel Snail...    At least they weren't attacking a specific company in the Mac vs PC ads. But, you have a point. :)
I don't get how insulting a potential customer's purchasing choices can lead to adoption of another product by the issuing company. 
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