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Don't feed the analysts!    I do think a 5s will come out around summer, but I don't believe it will be rocking a 4.8" screen like reported on other sites. 
Wow thread back from the dead. I really wanted this to happen. Too bad. Still a possibility. Perhaps that could be the bridge with iOS and Mac?
No surprise here. TC said all along he just wants to settle and make it fair. I'm happy for Apple and HTC to both be grown up about this.
  STOP IT! Stop making predictions on something you have NO idea what you're talking about. Users that visit rumor sites have more insight than you. You are guessing. And being paid for it. Where is my past analyst signature. Don't feed the analysts!!
  You can't walk into an Apple Store and buy an unlocked phone. You must get a contract with Verizon to get an unlocked phone. Many of us want an unlocked phone without a contract so we can use other cell companies (Cricket, Virgin, etc). They have unlocked phones in Canada, but not here :(
Good! Maybe they can then focus on innovation again.
/senses Samsung stole to relabel and resell ;)
Not that I believe this, but reading is failing some.          I take that to mean, BECAUSE the iPhone 5 has such low yields, they are going to a different design that doesn't have low yields. The low yields are hurting Apple. Yah, it's great to have demand, but there are many that are turned off from even purchasing an iPhone 5 because they don't want to wait. Apple could move more phones if they had a version that could easily be built by Foxconn. 
I'd really like to know when a user would have to beat their phone like in the video? Seems a bit excessive to me. 
I don't care what they're assembling, jobs in the US is win win no matter what the circumstances. It's a step in the right direction to bring jobs back. I hope the rumors are true!   And yes, I'd pay an extra $50 per phone if it meant jobs in the US.
New Posts  All Forums: