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Once again spot on post. /endofthread
^--- Hit the nail on the head. Plus it's difficult for them to move on when they want the newest phone badly and reup their contracts constantly.    Still, 1 year into my current contract with ATT, it's still cheaper for me to break contract with fee, buy an unlocked iPhone, and switch to virgin for two years than maintain my current contract with ATT. Something wrong with that picture.
There could be a vacuum for Maps developers. Judging by the dates of these job postings and Apple having the Maps dev team on lockdown, they are probably taking all the help they can get. This was a HUGE initiative in a short amount of time. It will work out in the end, but in the meantime need to take this stuff with the grain of salt. Personally I'm sticking with 5.1 for a bit on my phone, but going to iOS 6 on my iPad immediately.
I completely agree. Been with AT&T since the beginning. AT&T is definitely trying to keep up with the Jones' in this case. They are behind, yet still charge as much or more than their competitors. The whole FaceTime debacle has proven to me AT&T doesn't care about their customers any way shape or form. I'm gone (with unlimited data plan) soon as the iPhone 5 comes out. Going to an unlocked no contract carrier.
I wish apple would go back to secrecy. The rumor mill is so boring now days. We know exactly what we're getting before we get it. I just want TASTES, not the whole enchilada shoveled in my mouth!
  We also don't need to keep filling the electronic landfills with garbage. Android phones that a lot of users don't want. Phones that don't last that long. Why is it I'm constantly seeing my Android buds swapping handsets? Where do the other handsets go?   
I love you quadra :)
You can thank the developers instead ;)
Wait you mean the Facebook developers finally figured out what a block was? Not to do things on the main thread? 
I'd like to point out what an epic fail the M$ store is in WA. I work closely with very good retail designers, and they have a bulletin board here with stores / ideas of what NOT to do. Guess who is on that list? M$. It's funny, you go to Bellevue M$ store, which is a gigantic retail space. All they do is sell other people's items and have a few displays. It's huge! And no one is ever in there. Then across the mall in this small retail space that Apple has, it's so...
New Posts  All Forums: