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^--- Exactly. It is quite refreshing. I regret staying with AT&T with my 4s  
Wow, I can sleep now /rollseyes
I was at both WWDCs and even in the sessions when Apple said they were going to support 64bit Carbon and the one where they said they weren't. When they said they were going to support it, they didn't have full commitment. They said they were going to try and have it by the end of summer. But in the same session apple was clearly explaining to devs that Cocoa was the future. I even remember Metrowerks asking about it at the time. Obviously they couldn't hit that mark. They...
+1 to this. Apple gives a ton of a notice (much more than other companies I could name) of when they are going to deprecate something.
  Why is this apple's fault? It isn't their job to make their hardware compatible with 3rd party software. It is up to the developers to make their software work with new OS releases. It's part of their jobs. Who knows what kind of janky hacks Adobe is using with their ancient code base. 
With some tweaks I'd definitely trade in my previous gen for one. I do not like anything about the current one. 
I agree with most of what he said except for only major industries like Pharmaceutical Companies needing them. There are companies that spend hundreds of millions of dollars on software development. Why shouldn't they be protected? As a developer, I feel strongly that software patents need major reform. There needs to be at least some protection to very specific procedures. None of this "system that holds data that points to data" nonsense.
Zune 2.0... lol
I don't believe it...   I seriously doubt this guy is privileged to what apple is doing in 2013. Most devs I work with are on 15" MBPs, for them to just take it away, just doesn't seem logical.   I do rarely see the 17" in the wild any more. I remember one year at WWDC it was a dominating notebook, but not so much now days.    I can picture them being able to do this with a high res display. We shall see.
  That is because you authenticated at one time or another. It maintains the session on your phone. But once one of the apps asks for more information, it will ask you to permit it again.
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