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actually the better one to use would have been the Intel Snail...    At least they weren't attacking a specific company in the Mac vs PC ads. But, you have a point. :)
I don't get how insulting a potential customer's purchasing choices can lead to adoption of another product by the issuing company. 
100% agree. Been a software engineer over 10 years, it's just how it is. White males are generally more interested in the tech industry. Not saying because they are white / male they are better, just as a higher percentage, more interested. Worked with some amazing women, other ethnicities, but at the end of the day, the amount that apply to the jobs are generally white males. 
AMD announced they were working on it, not Nvidia??
Care to elaborate and provide some examples?
@GTR - that is such a great article.
 Completely agree with this.  Though I will say, there are a few high ranking Senior Software Engineers at Apple that aren't white & male. How do they progress into the even higher ranks? That's a mystery I've tried to figure out even if you are white & male. Usually means climbing the corporate ladder by throwing people under the bus and taking credit for things you didn't do.  So what Jackson really wants is non-whites to be more deceitful. /s
 Hah... I'm sick, sarcasm escapes me right now. Sorry :p
 What a selfish pov. Not to mention, you don't have to live in the "sticks" to get poor reception. Plenty of times I've been in downtown Seattle, Portland, SF and get horrendous coverage. 
Wasn't apples new terms really simple? Stop copying us?
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