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Care to elaborate and provide some examples?
@GTR - that is such a great article.
 Completely agree with this.  Though I will say, there are a few high ranking Senior Software Engineers at Apple that aren't white & male. How do they progress into the even higher ranks? That's a mystery I've tried to figure out even if you are white & male. Usually means climbing the corporate ladder by throwing people under the bus and taking credit for things you didn't do.  So what Jackson really wants is non-whites to be more deceitful. /s
 Hah... I'm sick, sarcasm escapes me right now. Sorry :p
 What a selfish pov. Not to mention, you don't have to live in the "sticks" to get poor reception. Plenty of times I've been in downtown Seattle, Portland, SF and get horrendous coverage. 
Wasn't apples new terms really simple? Stop copying us?
Love how they said they aren't merging iOS and OS X into one. The future is bright, glad to have been apart of it.
The problem isn't amazon going bankrupt, it's all the other businesses and book companies that can't afford to do that. Walmart did the same tactics to local economies. In the end fewer choices because prices were artificially dropped gives fewer choices at a later date because they can afford to do it. When fewer books are produced because the margins are too thin to put risk in an upcoming author, we all lose
First off, amazon prices are not real world prices. The price on the back of the book is. You'll find that amazon sells for a loss or razor thin margins to obtain market share. It's actually poisonous to the economy and can hurt thriving businesses that well books and other goods. With that being said, it is ultimately up to the publisher how much the prices should be and whether you get a free ebook with a tangible book. Many don't want physical books anymore and only...
Really? An ebook should not cost more than $4?? The author, editor, publisher, legal, advertisement can not possibly be compensated or recovered off of $4 depending the content.
New Posts  All Forums: