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  You really have access to OEM (ie Apple battery) for $50? Or is it a chinese knock-off passed off as a OEM battery that could have consequences later on (like expanding from heat, and blowing up like other aftermarket batteries have in the past)?   I doubt most have been as have been as hard on a MBP as I have. Running dual drives (SSD 256 & 7200 500gb in optical bay) and iOS and Mac programming an average of 10 hours a day 5-6 days a week for the last 2 years. My...
Not to mention they possibly pay more taxes than any other corp. in the US. That isn't enough?
Gotta agree. Been coming to this site since the 90s, never seen a 3rd party product pushed so hard. If the site owners are going to do this more, they should make a review section. The whole "don't click on it then", I personally don't know what the true contents of the articles are going to be until I'm inside. A lot if articles have vague or misleading headlines. Either way, $80 + lower cell reception == lose in my book.
Yah there is. They even have their own organization. MLGMajorleaguegaming.com. These guys get paid to play. A buddy of mine gets flown to these events and gets paid. Not much though. But it exists.
Since I'm not a member of the "other site", I want to rant here.    There are a ton of comments suggesting Apple should hire more engineers. These guys don't understand that throwing more engineers at a problem usually makes the problem worse. Ramp up time, unfamiliar with history, dividing tasks, etc.    Keep in mind, the new campus is being built to add more engineers. They are somewhat limited in space at the current campus.   Bah
  I really feel the true success for the iPod was a hit from multiple angles. A) iTunes Store caught on for purchasing music from home. B) Gift Cars were an easy gift to go along with that. C) iPod prices ranged from 99 to 499, which made even the cheapest iPod obtainable to just about anyone.    The iPad is too expensive for a lot of consumers. Not everyone makes enough money to justify blowing 500 on a tablet. I'm not saying Apple should lower their iPad prices or make...
Come on, isn't that the new form of "peacocking"    Peacocking   Peacocking is the action or actions exhibited in the beginning stages of courting. These actions are typically only temporary and exist during "the chase" of a mate. Much like a male peacock displaying his fruitful colors of his feathers to capture the attention of a mate.
See 2 posts below your last post
  That cash pile isn't about to shrink. That would say they aren't profitable. They still made 9.5Billion profits last quarter. It's only 2B less than the year before. That cash pile isn't going anywhere. Paying dividends won't even make a flicker in their profits. 
  Yah, you must be new to the Apple world. Apple has historically done what they want, and rarely listened to consumers. From the inception of the All-in-one iMac (design and thoughts coming from the original mac) not being expandable, to users clamoring for an upgradable xMac and dozens of other call outs from users. Apple does what Apple wants. They feel they know what users want before they want it. Usually they're right (see MBP, iPod, iPad, iMac), other times they're...
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