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To put it nicely, the Fuelband is a gimick. If this was the lead of that project I have low expectations for the project he is working on with apple. I was so excited for the fuelband. It rarely worked as intended. Working at Nike during all this, I suggested a pulse monitor for better results, but instead they kept the gimick train going.
False!Both amd and nvidia write the drivers for apple. There have been numerous articles and interviews over the years.
@hydr - Completely agree. There will always be a way here to get access to data.    The curious part of me wonders how they're going to implement a security fix with so much fragmentation.
  Buy GeekBench so John can afford to get a new Mac Pro and optimize it :). My shameless plug. He'll get it dialed soon I'm sure. I'd love to see him do a Open CL benchmark test. He knows GPUs extremely well. 
  I used to think the same thing. My current Nehalem Mac Pro is locking up while being pushed, so I took it to the Apple Store Monday. OMG what a pig. The current version is just way too big, especially if these need to be moved at all (filming, live audio, etc w/e). I'm no potato chip eater either :).    Personally, for it being a single cpu vs dual cpu, I'm pretty stoked there is still a 10% increase in performance. Not to forget the faster SSD, faster ram and faster...
  It's not out yet. Supposedly shipping Q3 2013.     Huh? This is comparing a single 2.7ghz 12 core xeon cpu to the 2010 mac pro with dual 3.07ghz 6 core xeon cpus, and it still beat it by 10%. Not to mention, ~1/8th the size?
  Keep in mind that was a rumor.   It all depends what's being added / changed. If it's UI / finder revamp mostly, then it could have been well tested by Feb. 
  You really have access to OEM (ie Apple battery) for $50? Or is it a chinese knock-off passed off as a OEM battery that could have consequences later on (like expanding from heat, and blowing up like other aftermarket batteries have in the past)?   I doubt most have been as have been as hard on a MBP as I have. Running dual drives (SSD 256 & 7200 500gb in optical bay) and iOS and Mac programming an average of 10 hours a day 5-6 days a week for the last 2 years. My...
Not to mention they possibly pay more taxes than any other corp. in the US. That isn't enough?
Gotta agree. Been coming to this site since the 90s, never seen a 3rd party product pushed so hard. If the site owners are going to do this more, they should make a review section. The whole "don't click on it then", I personally don't know what the true contents of the articles are going to be until I'm inside. A lot if articles have vague or misleading headlines. Either way, $80 + lower cell reception == lose in my book.
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