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  You mean basic economics supply & demand is real!?    You have a good point. The less parts they order, I'm sure the price goes up at some point. Not to mention popularity goes down as the product is seen as stale. 
"... two different screen sizes, one analyst claims." ... k done reading
  You should check out the images in the patent. It is a patent stemming from Desktops, using OS 7 or 8 type art.    I feel this patent should have been granted as it was, but I don't think it applies in this case. Maybe it does as they have more information of HOW Samsung applied it than I do.    Edit: I take that back, it's OS 6 type art.
  I'm fairly certain, Passbook in it's present form, will go away. There are hardly any businesses that use it in the US as well. I don't participate with any of the businesses in Passbook. It will either be scrapped or re-written imo.
  My exact thoughts... beat me to it :)
  Are you implying it's "CoreData" vs "Core Data"? If so, It's "Core Data" not CoreData. Just as it's Core Storage, Core Image, Core Audio, Core Video, Core Services, etc.    https://developer.apple.com/technologies/mac/data-management.html   https://developer.apple.com/technologies/mac/audio-and-video.html   If not, disregard
  But the dates on those results should be noted. IMO, it's much improved since iOS 6. Perfect? Hell no, but I don't expect it that quickly.
  Sorry for the ninja edit post. I edited, let me know if you want to add anything since I didn't do you or me any favors by posting early :)
  It's SQLite at all times on iOS, yet it can be multiple types on OS X. plists (XML), Sqlite, or anything that Apple chooses. They reserve the right to change it at any time with Core Data. It being SQLite is supposed to be behind the scenes.    Edit: Was on the phone, shouldn't have been positing as I completely missed your point :)   I'm not sure what you mean you are supposed to use SQLite for Library method. You don't directly interact with SQLite, you use a managed...
FYI, Apple released Core Data in 2004 at WWDC with the Tiger Preview. (have the wwdc videos to prove it). On a side note, my experience with iCloud and Core Data has been positive as of late. When it first came out it wasn't working AT ALL. Even last year around WWDC we were still running into many issues. But lately it's been working as expected going from iOS to iOS device. We still run into issues going Mac -> iOS though, but not very frequent.
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