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 I keep finding I do not like things on my wrist. Fuelband, Nike Sportwatch, wrist bands. I do not like them. I know I'm not alone on this. 19%, to me, is a low number. Granted, it's without knowing what it truly does. But it doesn't sound like enough to warrant anything revolutionary. Maybe another hobby item like the Apple TV?
  You being on a waiting list doesn't directly validate there is a VERY large demand. It could mean a whole slew of tactics, issues, shipments, etc.   A perfect example, the Microsoft Surface. It has sold incredibly poor, but it was very hard to get one when it first came out. Mainly because M$ did not produce a large number of them. In fact, they even cut their orders in half a few months in. Another example would be the HP TouchPad, also hard to get in the beginning,...
  Do they even have to allow it? Couldn't Facebook legally fork Android and do their own thing?
User data mining aside. The main take away is Apple wasn't getting the same updates on iOS as Android was getting. Why should they be left behind? 
Anyone know how much "analysts" make? I can easily read forums and regurgitate as a rumor too... pay me!! Analyst by day, Cocoa dev by night. Sounds win win to me. 
  After doing it at the company I work for, I can attest Google Translate is wrong about 70% of the time with Simple Chinese. I don't know any translators outside of work that I could use in my app.   When I received this email yesterday, I was scratching my head. I'm supposed to use one of these vendors that Apple lists: https://developer.apple.com/internationalization/#vendors   I'm an independent developer on my own apps, not sure I have the resources to pay these...
  It's a huge deal to me. I'm not always around internet on my laptop when I want to burn some time. Great for you that you are.
EA thinks they're going to sell this still? HAH.   For a game I've been looking forward to for years, I'll buy it when there is an offline mode.
  You mean basic economics supply & demand is real!?    You have a good point. The less parts they order, I'm sure the price goes up at some point. Not to mention popularity goes down as the product is seen as stale. 
"... two different screen sizes, one analyst claims." ... k done reading
New Posts  All Forums: