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  Obviously we're talking about diminishing returns. But the scaling on the Mac Pro with 24 threads has been fairly linear. Does that mean we won't see a drop at 25 threads? Who knows, but it will be a damn long time before ARM is in the same boat.
  WTF are you rambling on and on about??? Who ever said there would never be a need for multi-core cpus for iOS? *IF* anyone ever stated that, they were not informed at all. There has been multi-core and multi-processing support in iOS since the beginning. There has been multi-core cpus since iPhone 4s and iPad 2, right around the time multi-core arm processors were being released. 
This article is absurd. iOS is one of the most multi-core friendly operating systems out there. See GCD, NSOperationQueue, etc. I've really been questioning AppleInsider and the rumors they post as of late. Seems they post just about anything now days.
If they can pair up with someone like Nike, or do what Nike has done for running, I'd be very interested in this. With daily intense workouts that don't involve running, I still wonder how many calories i burned, how I compared to the day / week / month / year before. Why I love Nike+.
What happened with the SEC looking into the huge drop?
  Save yourself some time and get a Roku 2 XS. Works great and you can get them refurbed for $60.00
??? There was an image included. #pornandchicken #Pornichet #pornvine
  With single app mode in iOS 6, I'm sure we'll see more and more iOS kiosks :)
Ignorance sure must be blissful. You obviously don't know any Apple employees personally. 
I was one of the people that scoffed at the release of the Thunderbolt display. I can't stand glossy, and felt it was overpriced as well. After factoring in the TB hub and the nice panel, I felt it wasn't as bad after all. After spending about five months on one, I can say I actually do enjoy it and feel it was a good investment. The gloss really needs to be improved though. I used to run midnight in Xcode, and have since reverted back to default. White backgrounds don't...
New Posts  All Forums: