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Ignorance sure must be blissful. You obviously don't know any Apple employees personally. 
I was one of the people that scoffed at the release of the Thunderbolt display. I can't stand glossy, and felt it was overpriced as well. After factoring in the TB hub and the nice panel, I felt it wasn't as bad after all. After spending about five months on one, I can say I actually do enjoy it and feel it was a good investment. The gloss really needs to be improved though. I used to run midnight in Xcode, and have since reverted back to default. White backgrounds don't...
Mind sharing the name of that Calendar? Sounds like a good one.
Completely agree. Even though they are different countries with different laws, the whole attack from Samsung is laughable.   I wish these lawsuits would perish. 
Well I'm an a$$hole then. I've done it and am proud of it. Know why? Odds are I've paid for more apps than most. There isn't a demo system with iOS. You have to blindly purchase apps. Some devs put out free versions, and I applaud them. I never pirate if there is a demoable version of sorts. There are many in my group that are the same way. Either way, IMO, the scene has died down a ton since iOS 6. That's fine and not a big deal. Just wish we could get demos and ad...
Perhaps Apple's online store experience has gone down, but I don't feel Amazon's is superior at all. I often find myself confused and lost on that site. Not easy to browse, you need to know what you're looking for. When you find something, details are scattered on the page. It isn't sectioned off very well. I prefer sites like Newegg and Sonic Electronix. But hey, I'm just one amoeba in a sea of creatures.
  That was with the help of Netbooks.    With Windows 8 not getting the push it needs, netbooks going down the drain, and surface outselling pc manu tablet sales, I'm willing to bet Acer starts to lose again. 
Heh, how's that 12.5 billion working out for you google?
Don't feed the analysts!    I do think a 5s will come out around summer, but I don't believe it will be rocking a 4.8" screen like reported on other sites. 
Wow thread back from the dead. I really wanted this to happen. Too bad. Still a possibility. Perhaps that could be the bridge with iOS and Mac?
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