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Well I know it's not all macbooks that do this. My friend used to be a die hard windows user. He bought a macbook about the time they came out (white). He claims he hasn't had any problems. I think apple's QA needs to get a little tougher. I was involved in the start of a class action lawsuit against apple for their fault motherboards in the aluminum 15" powerbooks. Lower memory slots burn out during upgrades of os x. NOW my powerbook only has 1 memory slot. I'm kinda...
The whole point of this is so you DON'T have to reboot. Actually, that isn't the whole point but part of it. The point is... you put your home directory on the iPod. Connect the iPod, login and BAM... all of your settings, preferences, mail accounts are there! All of hte files that have to do with YOU as a user are there on any computer you go to. This isn't a new os we are talking about here... it's a portable user. This is awesome. This is how it used to be back in the...
Very interesting... went from 16x to 32x pretty quickly IMO. I didn't realize the lane was the bottleneck. I thought the gpu was the main bottleneck at this point... though it doesn't hurt to stay ahead of technology.
Wow!!! As a webdeveloper that makes me extremely happy that adobe is booting imageready for fireworks! I've used fireworks since 1998. I've always loved it. I think it's much more intuitive and more powerful than imageready. I'll definitely welcome an intel native version. Now I see the light on Macromedia being purchased... kill flash and I'll be one happy dev.
They are trying to pull an apple... Tell everyone they won't be releasing till 2nd quarter than surprising everyone in the 1st quarter... much like apple did with intel comps. We'll see. They are definitely welcome to release it earlier than expected!
Haven't seen this hashed out yet.. but curious as to what the load times were like with blu-ray. I've been reading that blu-ray is slower than hd-dvd.
Granted I haven't seen EVERY single blu-ray movie so far. But the ones I have seen have had horrible artifacts. This was in Sony's OWN STORE!! Yet each of the HD-DVD movies I have seen have had great details and no artifacts. IMO i'm shocked you guys are still going at it on this thread. This thread is a battle of the fan boys and nothing more. No matter what technical details are shown, or quality of video is described will win this war. This isn't something the consumer...
Anandtech did some tests and the 6800GT and GS (not plain 6800) beat the 7300 in most tests. But the 7300 shined in games like doom3. But with all the tests the 7300gt was RIGHT there. Only a few fps separated them in every test.
According to xlr8yourmac... it is currently impossible to run other cards right now because all of the current PC cards are made for BIOS and not EFI. The current mac cards are EFI. Now that doesn't mean it won't work in windows. I'd be happy if someone could get a 7900gt to work. I'd rather have a 7900gt than an x1900xt just for the drivers.
Wow this thread is still going?! All I know is the proof is in the pudding. EVERY SINGLE blu-ray movies I have seen so far have artifacts. From what I have been reading it is the mpeg2 compression they have chosen for blu-ray. This is unacceptable. IMO the balance between hd-dvd and blu-ray has recently been turned over into hd-dvd's favor. It also seems that everyone I talk to who is going to buy a ps3 doesn't even know or care about blu-ray. They just want the new...
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