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Gotta know Northeast Asian history before making blanket judgment calls on why the Japanese don't buy South Korean goods. Japan ruled South Korea for over 35 years so they naturally think they're superior to South Korea, not to mention China, which they raped. Check out "Rape of Naking."
Which one is the evil empire again? The $600 billion company or the $190 billion company or the $220 billion company? It's baffling that people can root so hard for a company that is the richest in the world but hate rich people in their own country. So much hate going around but none for the richest of them all. The irony...
I wish there were more companies emulating Apple. Alas, Xerox fumbled when it had the chance. Apple would never steal anything. Period.
Companies should go thermonuclear with each other more often. If Xerox had a jury like the one that sat in the Apple-Samsung case, guess who would be forking over billions?
The truth will set you free.
Apple doesn't have Jobs around anymore. Sure, Cook can run Apple well. But what's the next new new product line coming out of Apple under Cook? Nothing. So who's doomed?
The level of discussion can be encapsulated in one word. Scum. I wouldn't call Apple, crapple. I'd really like to know the integrity of these Best Buy customers who return devices a day before the return policy expires. Anyone who returns a Samsung iPad because it wasn't a real iPad has to be clinically dumb.
Again, I'd like to ask if your Korean-American MD boss REALLY approves of your behavior?
Don't expect anyone to ban this kind of stuff. It's considered tame and part of the discussion by the mod.
Your superior, conceited tone is wearing me down. You told me not to contribute if I weren't a patent expert. Now you're telling me that any non-patent-related posts I made are rubbish and ignorant. Then you say that nobody should take my comments seriously. Where do people like you come from? Srsly. The greatest nation on earth?
New Posts  All Forums: