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Absolutely nothing. BTW, debit cards are nice when you want to have the accessibility of a credit card, without any security or fraud protection whatsoever. Yay!
I'm just happy the 12" PB is $1399!!!
The 12" PB (=Bluetooth, G4, aluminum, FW, combo drive) is $1399 for college students.. if you know any.. Pretty great deal.
Here I thought Apple might be bringing back Yellow Box. D'oh.
$150 inc. shipping
Well, some of you folks need to look harder before you rant. Not all stores are as good with displays, but two Targets here in Omaha both have a nice comparative mp3 player display in the electronics departments that have about 8 different mp3 players. They're all ugly and cheap-looking, and the specifications tell you that they are not very good values, yet obviously much cheaper than the iPods. Still, the iPods are there on display, and you can ask to see any of the...
Believe it or not, your want for Bluetooth really limits you to the T610, P800, 7650, 3650, or Treo 600. Well, actually, since you want to use 1800MHz, you also have the lovely Nokia 8910i, which is truly a Mac phone if I ever saw one (beautiful, different, industrial design-centric, easy to use, somewhat in the higher price range), though minimal organiser features. And I'm also forgetting about the soon to arrive Samsung SGH-i500 (not to be confused with the much lesser...
Well, you go to any review or forums site and you will find hundreds of threads from the previous years telling tales of the T68i, mainly ranting about RF performance (signal), and other minor things. There are plenty of good phones today. What would you like? Flip, color, camera, bluetooth, organizer features, changeable faceplates, games, web, keyboard, what network would you like to use it on, what network features would you like to use, what is more important to you...
I was just going to say, T-Mobile has no GSM 850, so why would the offer the T616 (in fact, only Cingular does, and it is *so* *little* that when you say it has been "tuned to American GSM" you sound really stupid). Furthermore, the T610 has the same updated firmware, just the T610 came out first, before the update was issued. You can get the new T610s most everywhere. But Cingy.. eek. You know, they are just using roaming agreements with T-Mobile in NYC (possibly all NY).
Yeah, Sony Ericsson ceased development/manufacture of their CDMA handsets for North America. No more T606 or T608. Meaning, no Bluetooth for CDMA users for another good long while.
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