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The v60 series is a piece of crap. Motorola's user interface and menu system are badly thought out, disorganized, and counterintuitive, the phone series has been around forever, and most have been discontinued and providers/agents/stores are just selling what they've had left or stockpiled in their warehouses. Not a good idea to go investing in a v60, but it would be an ok stopgap until you get a real new phone. There are a couple positive things about the v60, like the...
3650 is just a fun, easy-to-use, thoughtful little phone. Recommend.
Well, T-Mobile has unlimited GPRS internet for $19.99 when you have a voice plan through them, and they do, and I'm contemplating a Bluetooth smartphone like the 3650 or T610, just buying it unlocked from somewhere like gsmphonesource.com, and if I've got Bluetooth-compatible computers (i.e. PowerBook 12", or iMac with BT dongle), and there is support for using the phone's GPRS connection as your network, wouldn't that work and be like unlimited wireless internet anywhere...
Whiners. The 3650 is the most awesome phone I've ever found, because it's not too expensive, too gadgety, too difficult to use, but it is very aesthetically pleasant, so much smaller than it seems in pics, it has actually stayed interesting for a while, it's upgradable, and it leaves me with fun possibilities like Bluetooth and the camera for photo caller ID and MMS and web access. And it is free on Amazon.
bperkins, nice shots, great setup. 17" PB, iSight, 3g iPod. Just what I'd like to have.. if only I were rich. Thanks.
Awesome, another 7135 user. So what kinda Palm apps have you loaded up on it? Recommendations? Any cool hacks? Catch me on AIM, sn wongulous .
Well, generally, it's a phone first, then a PDA, but there are few sacrifices because of that. The P800 is a PDA with phone functions, I'd say. The biggest and most obvious difference is the form factor.. the 7135 is a folding active flip style, whereas the P800 is a big (well, relatively) PDA with a plastic keypad flippy doodad. P800 is small for a PDA, 7135 is as well, but largeish for a phone. Not quite as bad as the P800, due to the flip, which is nice. Styling,...
I should also note that I'll be using it with U.S. Cellular..
Works with iSync, even comes with Palm Desktop for Mac on the CD, so you know they are committed. It's a great phone, and I'm getting one tomorrow. See my other post for a review if you're interested, thread 'Kyocera 7135'.
I've played with one for the past few days (my friend's), and I'm getting one tomorrow (HOORAY). I'm very happy with it. Runs Palm OS, so you can add tons of cool apps or games or just upgrade it later or hack it. Not 5, but good enough, considering there aren't any ARM cell phones out there yet. Syncs with iSync and of course Windows. Really interesting how they've integrated the phone functions into Palm software, lots of control there, which I like. Excellent 56,000...
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