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Duh. iLife == selling Macs. iLife for Windows == less compelling reason to "switch."
Too many links and too little differentiation. Tsk. I expect it to be renovated again soon.
I feel the same way, and I think a lot of people do. But I don't think it has much to do with what colors Apple is making their computers. I think it is a lot of little things. Like, AppleInsider making it big.. flocks of boring dummies inundating the good forums out there.. learning to live without AI for a couple of years there.. so many "mac rumor sites" getting all commercialized.. mac news on the web becoming far oversaturated with too many players.. Apple products...
I like House fonts. High quality, god yes. Not free, no. They're free for me because I got the hookup, fo shizzle. Or something.
Thank you. This thread is full of crap. News flash: you're not an expert in corporate relations between Apple, IBM, and/or Motorola.
I should add, the next memories after that are playing with my talking Mickey Mouse and taking a pencil and coloring all over his eyes and eyelids, as well as getting in the top drawer of my dresser and finding all kinds of creams and ointments and antibiotic stuff and smearing it all over my bed just because.
My earliest memory/experience is weird and scary to me. I'm in an antiseptic, white doctor's office, sitting on a countertop or table of some sort (maybe a bed), there is a mirror behind me, and there are people talking. I think I was crying a lot. Then I had to eat something red and it tasted horrible. And then I got some kind of a shot and I REALLY didn't like that, so I bawled a lot more. I also remember a large, lighted sign in a circular shape. Finally, I remember...
Something is definitely annoying about this thread.
I'd like to see all of this, but then I don't, in a way. If they make an eMac with 1GHz, 17" display, SuperDrive, AirPort Extreme, Bluetooth, etc, it is going to make it extremely difficult for me to justify a flat panel iMac, with the price difference. Without taking into consideration the high eMac failure rate, of course.. that could make it worth the iMac..
New Posts  All Forums: